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Jess McGlynnJuly 19, 2017

It’s something I know I have said time and again but since we moved to be closer to the coast we have vowed, repeatedly, not to take our surroundings for granted and it is definitely something we try to live by.  At the moment we don’t often get free weekends or spare evenings off but when we do, our first thoughts are where we can go locally to enjoy the outdoors or the weather (when it’s here…)

Not too long ago we had a run of beautiful weather and it made me so grateful that we live just a short car ride from the beach because it meant we could do something which I have wanted to do for the longest time since we got here: watch the sun set.

We had agreed to meet some friends and head down in the late afternoon, whilst the sun was still gloriously hot.  This was perfect as it meant that Meg and Eli could still enjoy playing on the beach without the cooler evening air spoiling it.

We found ourselves a quiet little pocket near to the sand dunes as that tends to be where the sand is softest.  It isn’t the ideal for building sandcastles but it does tend to be more sheltered which helps.  It was incredible actually because the whole time we were on the beach we felt completely isolated but when it came time to head back to the car we realised that the beach was actually really busy, with other people having the same idea as us and bringing picnics and BBQ’s into their own little sand dune enclosures.

We then picked up some chippy (because is there anything better than chippy on the beach?) and watched the sun go down.  In hindsight I wish we had brought some blankets because the temperature really did start to drop quickly and we couldn’t stay and watch the sun set fully but it was enough to get some gorgeous views of the expansive sand and sea with the sun going down behind them.

It’s such a simple thing to do but it has honestly been one of the most content days I’ve had.  Good friends, good talk, good children, good food…and the views were amazing.  Really what more could you ask for?

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