5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Summer ǀ Lifestyle

Jess McGlynnJuly 24, 2017

Although many of us look forward to the six week summer break, for those days when we don’t have to make sure that uniform is ironed, bags are packed, lunches are made and everyone is out of the door on time…it can also be quite a hectic time.  I know for me, working from home, it becomes a time of constantly trying to balance working with being present for the kids and quite honestly?  Some days I end up just totally frazzled.

Of course I also think there doesn’t need to be a reason why you should want to treat yourself when you are a busy mama or parent; we all work so hard that sometimes it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

1. Buy a new outfit
I’ll admit that my go-to when I’m feeling a little stressed is shopping and nothing makes me feel better than a new outfit.  Whether you want to invest in a new trench coat for the upcoming autumn (nothing beats a bit of preparation!) or a new top to make you feel glam…it’s the perfect way to give yourself a boost and it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

2. Indulge in a bubble bath
Ask your partner or a friend to take the kids for an hour or two, or wait until they are in bed and then draw yourself a lovely, deep, hot bubble bath.  If you can couple a soak in the bath with a glass of wine and a page-turning book then all the better!

3. Have a lazy day
Not every day of the summer holidays needs to be spent dashing out and about trying to keep the kids entertained.  Some days it’s okay to just stay in your pyjamas, eat snacky foods and binge-watch some movies.  We love marathoning the Harry Potter films on days like this and I leave my mama guilt at the front door because the kids absolutely love it.

4. Meet a friend for coffee
This might mean compromising and meeting a friend for coffee at the local soft play but there is nothing more uplifting than a good chinwag with a friend.  Whether it’s giving each other moral support as the holidays run on or sharing the gossip you’ve missed since school finished; pencil a date in and meet a friend.

5. Do something nice for someone else
Our mental well-being is just as important as our physical well-being and there is nothing quite like a random act of kindness to leave you feeling good.  It could be as simple as buying a few extra tins on the food shop and dropping them in to your local food bank or donating clothes you no longer need to the charity shop, in fact it doesn’t need to be anything too complicated at all.  The small, every day kindnesses we show can make a real difference.

So if you feel like you are running on frazzled nerves this summer why not use this list for inspiration and give yourself a little treat?

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