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Jess McGlynnJuly 25, 2017

Although I’m always an autumn girl at heart, I do love the summer for the fact that we get to enjoy six weeks out of school.  It isn’t always easy but it’s a whole lot of fun and we generally manage to find the time to have some brilliant days out.

One thing I have learned over the last few years is that the best experiences aren’t always the ones which cost the most money; there are some brilliant ways to keep everyone entertained from the comfort of your own home.  So whether you live far from any major attractions or you simply want to keep costs down, here are six idea of how to keep the kids entertained (at home) this summer:-

1. Build a fort
Grab some spare bed-sheets (or ones in used if you don’t have many extras…) and as many blankets as you can find and build yourself a fort.  You could use your dining table if you want the straightforward option or have a go at creating your very own structure.  This is the perfect rainy day option and you can hang out in your fort, eating cheeky snacks or snuggling and reading books.

2. Get creative
I have to admit that this particualrly option isn’t my favourite as both Meg and Eli are so messy and it generally ends in chaos but they absolutely adore being crafty.  This covers just about everything from painting and playdoh to sticking and colouring.  I think one of the main points is that you don’t need to do this for long and it can be a complex or as easy as you like.

3. Have an outdoor cinema
Okay so this one might take a little bit more planning but how cool would it be to make your very own home outdoor cinema?  You could go and choose a movie earlier in the day (HMV usually have some good deals) and buy some snacks and then grab some blankets and a comfy chair and head outside once the sun begins to set.  I know both Meg and Eli would adore this, and I think I’d like it as well!

4. Play make believe
Although Meg and Eli are a little older now they still love a little make believe.  The best thing is that you can just grab ordinary objects from around the house but use them to turn your adventures truly magical and they can become whatever you want.  You can play this however you like, the kids will just love that you are getting involved.

5. Set up an indoor disco
Draw the curtains, dim the lights, get dressed up and find some fun songs you can dance along to.  Not only is an indoor disco heaps of fun but it’s also a great way to burn off any excess energy if you haven’t been able to get outside.

6. Dig out the board games
I’m not talking about the modern offerings which pass for board games here but the classics (which thankfully don’t involve sticking small fingers up any appendages or talking about poo…) which we played when were younger.  Is it time to introduce your children to the delights of cluedo or monopoly, trivial pursuit or bop it?  You could dedicate an entire afternoon to just playing board games from your childhood.  

Have you got any other ideas to add in here?  I’d love to know.

*This is a collaborative post

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