A Room For An Adventurer… {Home Renovation #1}

adminJanuary 23, 2018

One of the priorities we set for ourselves when we bought and moved into our new house was renovating Meg’s and Eli’s rooms.  They were in a pretty rundown state so once we had moved into the house we immediately set out stripping them back to bare walls and floorboards. I had this idea that I wanted their rooms to be ‘properly’ done although in hindsight this may not have been the best idea as it took us a very long time to find a decent plasterer!

This is the first house we have ever owned and although we have added our own touches to rented homes in the past we have never been able to fully go to town in creating spaces for the kids that they can truly call their own.  I had so many ideas for Eli’s room but they all centred on the same point: this boy is an adventurer at heart and he needed a room which would capture this.

We quickly settled on the idea of ‘mountains’ being present in his room, both in the grey colour scheme that we chose and the use of triangles throughout. We felt that grey was a little bland for such a character as Eli however and wanted to bring in a pop of colour where we could, opting for a bright, almost turquoise blue, and orange.

The walls we painted in Rock Salt from Dulux which is a particular favourite of mine (we used this in the old house in Meg’s room).  I like that it is bright and clean but not completely white, giving the wall a bit more of an interesting tone.

When talking to Eli about what he wanted from his new room he really only had one specification, that he wanted a secret hideout, and as space was limited we decided to try to find him a cabin bed, with storage underneath to optimise floor space for playing and to potentially provide him with a hideout in the area behind.  With the budget that we had for his bed this wasn’t as easy as it first seemed but we did, eventually, find a bed from Dreams which we liked the style of, and which offered enough space underneath to be turned into a secret den.  A bonus was that it came with pale grey trimming which worked extremely well with the existing colour scheme.

Once the bed was installed, we discovered an odd little space at the end which was just crying out for something inventive.  After much scouring of the internet for inspiration, I decided to create a superhero dress up area.  For this we bought a wall decal and some clear plastic hooks: so simple and yet Eli absolutely adores it.  It makes a handy space to keep all his dressing up outfits as well and we purchased a Kvistbro basket from IKEA to keep loose bits in.

His wardrobe was also an IKEA purchase, and although we have bought doors for it, at the moment I quite like the open look.  It gives the concept of more space and encourages Eli to keep his clothes tidy as we can easily see if he is just shoving things in the baskets!  There isn’t space for a separate chest of drawers so we are hoping that this will offer him enough storage as he gets bigger.  I suppose the great thing about IKEA storage is that it is very flexible and we can chop and change parts as we think they are required.

Storage was always going to be something of an issue so we’ve had to try and think cleverly.  We were really pleased to discover the LEGO brick storage boxes which worked with the colour scheme of his room to store the thousands of LEGO pieces he has accumulated.  We also picked up some blue metal storage boxes from the IKEA bargain corner for around £4 each as they were being discontinued.

We have been careful about the items put up on the walls, not least because they were newly plastered! We’ve tried to keep it simple with a map to inspire future travels, and some wall art which I adore.  I chose the design and the wording myself and I am just in love with them.  I contacted a designer on Etsy who created the art for me and we used a local printer and some cheap IKEA frames to complete the look.

And finally…his rug, which is secretly one of my favourite elements of the room.  This came from La Redoute and was something I spotted quite by accident but just knew would tie everything together.  I love the haphazard look of the triangles and the fact that they aren’t all uniform.  It suits our ‘non-conforming’ wild boy just perfectly.

There are still some elements I would like to include.  I love this wooden wall hanging from this Etsy Store and we probably need to invest in some shelving for Eli’s growing book collection but for now we are really pleased with the outcome of this room for our little adventurer.

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