A Little Bit Of Us… #3

adminFebruary 2, 2018

Usually when it comes to the last day of the month I enter into the age old cliché of wondering out loud how on earth it has come around already, but I don’t think I will be alone when I say that it felt like a real slog to get towards the end of January this year!  It’s probably the inevitable slump after the busyness and joy of Christmas and New Year but my the 31st felt like a long time coming.

January has been a bit of a funny one for us.  We went into 2018 thinking that things were going to be a whole lot quieter than 2017 but it really hasn’t been the case and I feel like we’ve bounced from one thing to the next with no room to come up for air.  I’ve been battling with my old friend anxiety just recently which I know comes from having no break and no head space.  I only ever start to feel the strains of anxiousness when things feel like they are spiralling out of my control so I’m hoping we can pull right back in February, put our heads down and just enjoy some chilled out time as a family.

Meg started at a new gymnastics class this month and it is going well so far.  We are hopeful that she will be pushed a little more here; as parents we are walking a fine line between recognising that she’s actually pretty good at gymnastics and we want her to achieve her fullest potential and not turning into those blindfolded pushy parents who believe that their kid is the best one to ever step up to the training mat.  I doubt that we will ever reach that point but I do also think that she is capable of achieving whatever she wants in the realm of gymnastics and we want to help her get there.

Despite feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that was going on, I had a fantastic reading month.  I feel like these colder months lend themselves well to reading because let’s face it, who is going to want to head out and brave the elements when they could just curl up with a good book instead?!

The colder months have also got me thinking ahead to the summer; I’m hoping that this year we will be able to find room in our finances for a holiday somewhere it is guaranteed to be warm but, of course, the house renovations come first so that is very much in the air.  We’d ideally like to go somewhere with sunshine and a swimming pool, a place we can disappear off the grid for a couple of weeks and not have to think about work, school or the house but we will have to cross our fingers and hope for that one.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t spent a large amount of time browsing online and dreaming though!


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