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adminFebruary 27, 2018

I can’t be the only one who turns their thoughts to a holiday in the sun at this time of year.  When you are staring at grey skies, frost on the ground and rain more often than not, it’s easy to begin dreaming of warmer weather and travel plans for the summer.  Although we have a lot of renovation work to do on the house we are definitely hoping to get away during the school holidays.  It makes such a difference, whether you enjoy a staycation or travel further afield, to take an actual break from every day life and work responsibilities.

We sat down a couple of weeks ago and laid out our thoughts on where we would like to travel to and what would be achievable.

Our first, dream location, was Marrakech in Morocco.  We’ve had friends recommend this to us and I just think getting to experience the sights and sounds of Morocco would be an absolutely incredible experience.  Not to mention the scorching heat.  I have spent many an hour in recent weeks researching the best places to stay in Marrakech and the more I read about, the more I definitely want to make visiting here a priority. / Sergei Montaner

Our second option was Malta.  This is somewhere I have wanted to visit for the longest time as I just think it looks like such a stunning place to explore.  On reflection however, we feel a trip here would be less about lying by the pool, relaxing, and more about getting out and sightseeing which isn’t the type of holiday we are after.  I’ve got my eye on Malta for either later in the year, perhaps the October half term, or a short travel break in 2019 instead. / Rudy Tiben

The final option was to return to Tuscany.  Myself and James went to Tuscany for a short break last year and completely fell in love.  Everything from the food to the weather, the people to the rolling Tuscan countryside just made for the perfect holiday and we said right away that we wanted to one day return with the kids.  Having browsed around for potential accommodation and flights, it also seems like the most affordable option; one which would allow us to take a chilled out holiday as a family without having to compromise too much on work on the house.

How gorgeous is this villa on Clickstay?  We stayed in one of Clickstay’s villas in Spain in 2016 so we know that we can expect good things.  I’m already dreaming of hazy evenings spent with a glass of wine in hand.  Flights tend to be pretty cheap to Italy too so I really think a trip here is something we can achieve practically.  Oh to be back in the stunning Tuscan countryside already!

Hopefully we will get to visit at least one of these locations for our main family holiday but we will also be looking to take a sightseeing break later in the year.  I think Malta would fit perfectly here but as we’ve talked about before there are a number of other European places we’d love to explore including Croatia, Budapest and Prague.  I’ve spent a lot of time browsing Clickstay and looking up flights.  A girl has gotta dream!

Where will you be travelling in 2018?

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