Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Review

adminJune 22, 2018

As you may know if you’ve been around for a while, we bought our first home in August 2017 and we have slowly been making our way through the house renovating and redecorating each room.  At the moment we have a funny mix of original carpets and brand new carpets; both of which come with their own issues.  Are the original carpets really all that clean?  How can we keep our new carpets looking good when we have two children, a dog and just the general comings and goings of family life?  Not to mention the fact that we have workmen in and out of the house every time we have a DIY job which needs doing and the list goes on….

So when Rug Doctor got in touch to ask whether we would be interested in trying out and reviewing their portable spot cleaner, along with some of their other cleaning products, I jumped at the chance.  You can skip to the bottom if you prefer to watch a video of us trying out the products or read on for a more in-depth look.

I was familiar with the brand ‘Rug Doctor’ having seen it in a number of different home stores, usually with machines available for hire.  It was something we had talked about looking into quite a few times but we just never got round to doing it.  I hadn’t realised that you could purchase their products, or that they would make a smaller, handier version for the odd stain and mark, rather than a heavy duty deep cleaner.  Which is exactly what the Portable Spot Cleaner is all about.

Our first test of the Spot Cleaner was on Eli’s carpet.  About a week after Eli had his brand new carpet laid, he dropped some alien slime and left a dark mark.  We had used generic carpet cleaning products to try and lift it but there was a shadow where the slime had been.  One quick whoosh of the Spot Cleaner and the carpet looks brand new.  In fact, the colour of the water made me feel a bit queasy as he hasn’t had the carpet all that long…how on earth could it be so dirty already?!

We tried the Spot Cleaner in a number of other places in the house and on the car upholstery as well.  It is not the lightest cleaner to move around; I’ll admit that I found carrying the base up and down the stairs quite tricky but it’s no heavier than our vacuum cleaner which I also have the same issues with!  But this might be something to bear in mind if you find it difficult to carry heavier items around the home. I did find that it was very easy to put together and once it’s in place it has a retractable handle and hose giving you that extra reach.  The motorised hand tool has been created to get down deep into the fibres and really work out those stains and I found it very straightforward to use.

It was also really easy to set up and add the cleaning product to; and I was honestly very impressed.  We even tried it out on some pen stains which had been left by one of the kids on our white sofa (I would heartily recommend not buying a light coloured sofa if you have children FYI) and although it didn’t lift it completely, the difference was incredible.  I feel like, had we been able to use the Spot Cleaner as soon as it happened rather than 6/7 months later it would have taken it right off.  We also tried it on the sofa with some chocolate which had been there a couple of days…thanks kids…and that cleaned completely away.

We also tried and tested a couple of other products; the Rug Doctor Spot & Stain Foam Cleaner came in handy a few times when the kids trampled mud through the house by not taking off their wellies at the front door (a real hazard when it comes to having carpet in your hallway I find!) but the foam cleaner was super easy to apply.  You have to leave it to do its magic for a couple of hours before vacuuming the carpet but it worked a real treat.

The Spot & Stain Remover Wipes also came in handy when Meg managed to spill a cup of tea once or twice on the stairs.  I think that both the wipes and the foam cleaner would be perfect to have on hand at all times, as you can easily get them out and use them immediately when a spill or stain happens, something which is inevitable in any busy household.

I can also definitely see the benefit of investing in the Spot Cleaner, especially when you have children and/or pets.  Being able to immediately and effectively deal with a spill or stain will help keep carpets in good condition which is especially important because I can now attest to how expensive carpets actually are, so they are something you will want to be long-lasting!

You can purchase the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner for £154.99

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  • Samantha O’D

    July 14, 2018 at 09:37

    Looks great, i needs something like this for my living room carpet, the kids have destroyed it

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