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adminJune 29, 2018

Cast your mind back to the beginning of the year; remember when I said we were planning on keeping our heads down and having a quiet year…those have quickly become famous last words!  I feel like we are ricocheting from one thing to the next at the moment with no sign of things slowing down.  It’s partly why I really enjoy sitting down and writing these posts.  I can capture our month, look back and reflect and remember that amongst all the chaos we do make some amazing memories at the same time.

June kicked off with possibly one of my favourite trips, ever.  We were invited to explore the island of Guernsey for the weekend by Condor Ferries.  It was a total whirlwind of three days with barely any down-time as we wanted to really squeeze every second we could from our time there but it was definitely worth it.  Not only did we have a great time, but Guernsey isn’t a place we’d necessarily have thought about visiting before but I’m so pleased we did.  If you ever get the chance to go, snap it up.  You won’t regret it.

rousse tower cannon guernsey

Pirate Cove Guernsey

Meg gets a special mention this month too as she headed to a local sports tournament with her school, called Quad Kids.  It was held at the nearby university and involved the children taking part in four different sports, including the 400m for Meg’s age group.  I was quite surprised when school asked her if she’d be willing to take part, and she said yes.  Meg is absolutely brilliant at gymnastics, and in fact, most sports that she takes part in.  We have been asked a number of times for her to compete in things; her gym club constantly wants to put her forward for stuff, when she went swimming her instructor asked us to put her into galas and so on but what she lacks is a sense of competitiveness.  She doesn’t cope well under pressure either so I was absolutely gobsmacked when she took her place at the starting line for the 400m and then proceeded to fly around the track.  I’d honestly thought she’d hold back and not push herself.  I was gutted for her (BIG sense of competitiveness over in my corner…) because she was out in front the whole time and just got pipped to first place at the last minute but I was so proud of her for giving her all.  I would never want to push Meg to be something she isn’t, but to see her try her best, really try her best, was a brilliant moment.

Along the lines of sport, I can’t avoid mentioning the World Cup, which is currently taking over our lives.  I don’t mind really; I tend to only watch big football tournaments and I have been known to get quite competitive about it but this is the first year that Meg and Eli are really interested and it has brought a whole new element to the watching experience.  Eli in particular is feeling all the emotions about England and it’s hard to not keep reminding him to not get his hopes up.  This is England after all!  Yet at the same time, surely anything could happen?!  I won’t pretend to be an authority on the subject but I do think we have as fair a shot as anyone this time.

We’ve also been blessed with some absolutely stunning weather this month in the UK.  I keep waking up thinking that today will be the day the rain clouds return but so far we’ve just had glorious sunshine and blue skies.  Both kids have got tan lines from their school uniforms and James has been working hard to clear the garden so they can be outside soaking up every moment.  He recently cleared a mountain of ivy from the side of our garage and it once again brought home the scale of the project we’ve taken on here; everything has just been left and it means a whole lot of work for us.  I try to tell myself often that it will be worth it though!

I’ll end our round-up with a quick mention of my latest addition.  I have wanted another tattoo since I had my first done, about 6 years ago but I know what a slippery slope it can be so I decided to wait until I was absolutely sure of what I wanted.  In the end it still came to a quick decision between two but I love the one I have ended up with.  One of my all-time favourite bookish quotes is from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S.Lewis.  It is ‘courage dear heart’ and the tattoo has been inspired by that.  I’ve been asked a few times whether it hurt and whilst it wasn’t comfortable, it’s so fine and delicate that it only took a couple of minutes.

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  • Emma Middleton

    July 16, 2018 at 10:37

    Always wanted to visit Guernsey and your post has inspired me to book a trip myself with my little one, glad you enjoyed yourself and hope we have as much fun as you did

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