Our Renovation House ǀ An Update

adminAugust 4, 2018

As it has been almost a year since we signed on the dotted line for our new home, I thought it might be pertinent to write a little update post on how far we have got into our renovation.  I have done room tours here and there, both on the blog and on Youtube but this is going to focus on our progress in the house as a whole.

I will try to keep this post upbeat as we haven’t actually made as much progress as I would have liked.  We have run into a number of problems and issues with the house which have slowly eaten away into the money we had left for the redecoration.  Issues which are still ongoing such as fixing a fitted door to the dishwasher as we haven’t bought a standard Ikea dishwasher, plastering and tiling the kitchen (although as the kitchen roof recently sprang a leak I’m glad we hadn’t got round to this yet!), clearing the ivy which had clearly been left for years from the garage…along with finishing touches like finding a curtain rail to fit the little windows in the study.  It can all seem a little draining and yet we have made progress and that is what this post is going to celebrate.

It was obviously a blow to us when we discovered that the house needed to be re-wired but we have inched our way slowly, slowly, around the house and have now finished both Meg and Eli’s rooms and my study (bar the curtain rail issue!).  I’m actually really excited to film a tour of my study which I will try and do once the chaos of the summer holiday is out of the way.  It is definitely the perfect space for me to escape into to read and work, and I know how lucky I am to have a dedicated room for my books.  It is not lost on me!

renovating bedroom

pink girl's bedroom

Over the six week school holiday both James and I have some time off work and we are planning to try and finish some of the jobs which have been looming, such as putting kickboards and end panels onto the kitchen cabinets and getting the kitchen tiled.  I think it will make such a difference when the kitchen is finished as that is one of the main hubs in the house.

The garden is also a part-way-through-not-quite-finished project.  We have cleared back the overgrown ivy from the garage and gotten rid of most of the overgrowth at the back of the house.  Our plan is to turf the garden at the start of autumn which means clearing the sides of the slate flower beds.  A job I’m hoping won’t be as complex as I think it will!  We have a specialised tree surgeon coming in the next week or two to deal with the three gigantic Leylandii trees out the front.  At the moment we are unable to cut them down (the long term plan) as they have nests in them but the tree surgeon is going to check on the status of the nests and if they are empty then it will be felling axes a go.  If not we will have to wait and just have the trees carefully tidied up in the meantime.  I am personally not a fan of Leylandii at all and want to eventually grow a blossom tree out the front instead.

I think once we have the turf down we are going to leave the garden until the spring, to allow the turf to properly bed in and then see how we think the space might work best.  It will be a complete blank canvas which is exciting.

old study

Moving forwards, I think our next two rooms to tackle will be the play room and the lounge.  At the moment I am spending my time perusing different flooring options.  There is light coloured carpet in both the entrance hall and the play room which is completely impractical and if you saw my house tour then you will know about that purple carpet in the living room.  I’d ideally like to put down some hard-wood flooring throughout the main three spaces in the downstairs, perhaps karndean flooring, as I think this will be the easiest to maintain and will last the longest with a busy household really putting it to the test.

Despite the different issues we have run into, and the ups and downs that come with living in an unfinished home, I am excited at the prospect of putting our individual stamp on each room.  My mind is constantly brimming with ideas of things we could do and how we can make the spaces really work for us as a family.  Already we see that the kids’ rooms are perfect and can adapt and change as they get older.  It might take us a few more years yet but as we tick off each room, it provides more motivation for finishing the rest of the house.

Keep watching this space!

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