A Little Bit Of Us… #8

adminAugust 6, 2018

Another month has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  We are well into the school summer break now and we continue to be blessed with gorgeous sunshine most days.  This is certainly turning into an unusual summer here in the UK; I can’t think of the last time we had such a long stretch of beautiful weather.

As you might well have to come to expect from us now, we haven’t had a spare moment to ourselves in July.  In fact, we have a 10 day stretch coming up where we have nothing but family time planned in and I can’t wait.  No outside commitments, no work, no DIY or other day-to-day stuff…just the four of us having some mini adventures together.  I hope the sunshine stays around because it will be absolute bliss!

Since we last checked in, the major thing we have ticked off the list was a review trip to the Northumberland coast.  I am currently editing and sorting content and photos although I did manage to get my vlog up last week.  We were invited to stay in one of the Ross & Outchester Cottages and had an amazing time.  Do go and check out the video if you have time, I feel like it really captures the essence of our visit.  If I add in the fact that we visited the second biggest used bookstore in the UK, flew broomsticks at the castle used in some of the Harry Potter movies and squeezed in some beach fun with the drone, I hope that will be enough to convince you.

Ross Sands Beach

Calling broomsticks alnwick castle

Barter Books

I have to admit that by the end of July, the kids were really ready for the summer holiday to begin.  There is something about the sticky weather and school days that just lead to grumpy, grouchy children and that was certainly the case here.  Both Meg and Eli were exhausted when the final day of school rolled around but unfortunately they didn’t have much time to recoup as the day they broke up James whisked them off for a three day camping adventure in Cheshire.  Camping really isn’t my style so I stayed at home which was strange in itself.  I think we worked out that it had been almost a decade since I had been in the house entirely on my own overnight with no husband or children tagging along.  I made the most of it by doing what I love best…hibernating and reading!  Although I did venture out for afternoon tea on one of the days just to prove I’m not a complete anti-social hermit.

Right after the camping trip, Meg and Eli went down south to spend a week with my parents.  I honestly can’t say how much they loved it, and how helpful it is for us too.  Knowing that we don’t have to worry about holiday care for the entire six weeks is a real relief but also knowing that the kids get to spend some quality one on one time with their grandparents is also a blessing too.  My parents didn’t let up the pace either and the kids were here there and everywhere during their week long visit.  Meanwhile James and I spent most of our evenings twiddling our thumbs and wondering what we did before we had the kids to take up our time.

One of the evenings I was lucky enough to be surprised by James with a date night and we headed into Liverpool for food at the Baltic Market (which I highly recommend) along with a round of Ghetto Golf.  Naturally I was crowned the winner despite the super strong gin cocktails I was thoroughly enjoying along the way.  It was a good night and if you are local to the area I’d definitely recommend both the Baltic Market and Ghetto Golf; lots of fun to be had.

Baltic Market

Ghetto Golf

We have started August strong with a mid-week wedding down in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside…but I will save that for the end of the month.  For now, I will leave with thoughts of a quieter 10 days or so.  A girl can always dream!

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  • Ana Nunes

    August 24, 2018 at 16:20

    You have a beautiful family, i was looking at the pictures on the blog, and it-s so good, i love your kids smiles!

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