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adminAugust 8, 2018

It’s okay, you can pick your jaws up from the floor at the sight of yet another interiors post from me in such a short space of time!  The reality is that we have realised on reaching the ‘one year in the house’ mark that we really need to get our skates on with completing some more renovation so we have some big decisions to make over the coming weeks.

Perhaps the thing which really brought it home was when someone at work returned from maternity leave and asked me how things were progressing; ‘last time I saw you, you were about to tile the kitchen…’ she innocently remarked and when I had to reveal that we still hadn’t managed to tile the kitchen, it was a very good prompt to get things moving at a faster pace.

The kitchen is such a great social space for us and when we first saw the house it was one of the areas which we knew we could do more with than the previous owners had.  It is a natural space for people to gather and with the playroom coming directly from it, there are plenty of opportunities for us to be together as a family in the evening as well.

old kitchen

In an ideal situation, we would extend out a little to make a larger dining space.  Part of the kitchen and the existing dining area are actually part of an extension but I would take it slightly further; our garden is large enough that we could lose the small patio area directly outside the back of the house without losing too much of the garden.  I love the look of these roof lanterns from RLS, I think they would add a lot of light into the space which would perhaps be a short term solution if we couldn’t plump for the whole extension in one go.

The flooring we had laid before the kitchen went in was such a bargain and one of my favourite elements of the whole house.  It was an end of line product and although we had to beg family members from all over the country to drive to their local B&Q to hunt out enough boxes of the tiles, it was 100% worth it for the finished look.

Although we bought a number of accessories when we first installed the kitchen, with the idea to have a cream and copper theme as we have lived and used the space I’ve now got a better of idea of how things will eventually look and with the tiling happening towards the end of the month it will start to come together so much more.  With this in mind I do think we have overdone the copper slightly so I have been on the hunt for some more subtle items.  I am loving this Breville cream and copper kettle, for example.  It tones the copper right down and is a very classy look.

grey kitchen floor

I’m also in mind to add some photos to the wall above our dining area; this is a huge empty space and I think adding some family photos would not only personalise the room but just fill up that empty space and give it a more homely feel.  I am terrible at getting pictures printed and put up on walls despite the fact that I take so many and this is something I really want to remedy as we begin to pull each room together around the house.  I can start with this wall!

With regards to other finishing touches I think I will wait until the kitchen is fully completed before I look to add any more pieces in.  It would be very easy to get carried away (we have some leftover worktop that I am dying to do something creative with) but I think I need to rein in a little and get the big jobs ticked off first.  I am very excited though to have the kitchen and dining area completed before the autumn though, and to finally be able to invite people into a space I am proud to show off.

Fingers crossed we don’t run into any other issues before then!

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