5 Things To Do Before Buying A House…

adminSeptember 28, 2018

Last week I wrote a tongue in cheek post all about ways in which you know you are a homeowner. Today I thought I’d share some things you should make sure to check before buying a house. There are certain things which it might seem pedantic or silly to check beforehand but which can really impact on whether a house is right for you or not:-

1. Use Your Senses
Don’t judge a room by its paint job alone. Remember that a freshly applied coat of paint can cover a multitude of sins. We’ve all sat and watched those daytime TV shows which detail how to quickly sell your house; how many of those involve slapping on some new paint? Rely on your other senses as well as your eyes and if the paint looks new, consider why that might be. Smell for signs of damp, look for any potential telltale signs of cracks along the walls.

2. Get Personal
Don’t be afraid to get right up close to the vital elements in the house such as the plumbing. Take nothing at face value; it might feel a little embarrassing to start poking in people’s cupboards or opening all the windows but if you uncover an issue such as leaky pipes it will have been worth it in the long run.

3. Try the Taps!
It might seem odd to go into a house which is not your own and turn on the shower and the taps but it is vital to know if water pressure is an issue. Nobody wants to buy a house only to find that the shower is nothing more than a trickle. That will certainly hamper your ability to get up and go in a morning! Although you may decide the house is still for you, at least you can factor in the necessary steps you will need to take to fix the issue. A shower pump from Grundfos pumps UK can assist with low pressure. Forewarned is forearmed as they say and you can apply this logic to all the above points as well.

4. Explore the Land
Way back when we started looking at properties, my Dad gave me a piece of advice. He told me to drive and walk around the area immediately surrounding the street we were interested in, as well as up and down the street itself and do a little detective work. See what is in the area i.e. parks nearby for the kids, or just to see whether people in the area are house proud or not. This will give you a feel for where you could potentially end up for years to come. It can even extend to things like noise pollution if you discover the house is in a flight path or near a railway track or potential house guests if you are near a fields or farmland. Our house backs onto a nature reserve for example, and every time they cut the grass back we are blessed with little visitors with tails and have to call an expert in. The joys of countryside living!

5. Think Long Term
I think this is a good point to end on as we can so easily be swayed by visual things and how we feel when we enter a property. But take a step back and think about how exactly you will need to use the house, what the future looks like for you…maybe you don’t have children but would like them, in which case it might be prudent to look for a home with an extra bedroom or two. Maybe you like entertaining and need a large garden space, or dining area. Don’t just think about the immediate but think about how the layout and potential of the house will ultimately work for you and your lifestyle. There is nothing more frustrating than ending up in a house which just doesn’t work. However attractive it might have appeared at the outset.

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