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Our Cleaning Routine ǀ Homes and Interiors

adminOctober 22, 2018

It seems that the UK has gone mad for cleaning in the last month or so, with the likes of Mrs Hinch exploding over on Instagram and even being interviewed on This Morning.

I have to admit that I have always been a fan of watching other people cleaning; there is something quite therapeutic about seeing someone speed-clean their home, although I’m not quite sure I can tell you why!  It was through watching other people however that I discovered a cleaning routine which sparked my interest; and has pretty much revolutionised the way that we clean our home.

I work four days a week in an office and one day from home, James works five to six days a week and is often out of the house by 6.15am and not home until 7pm.  We are busy people with active lives and cleaning is often the last thing on our minds.  Add into the mix two children, a dog and two gerbils and it can all become a bit of a handful.

loathe cleaning.  I enjoy watching other people but for some reason, it doesn’t translate to me actually wanting to clean my own house.  Go figure!  So when I stumbled across a method which recognised that there was so much more to life than cleaning, and gave a realistic and practical way to keep on top of the housework…well, I was more than ready to sign along the dotted line.

You may already be familiar with The Organised Mum Method but if this is new to you, then TOMM is broken down into an eight week programme with three levels.  The main bulk of the cleaning takes just 30 minutes.  Nope, you read that correctly…just half an hour!  Level one is jobs you have to do every single day such as making beds and clearing floors.  Level two is the half an hour section where you try and complete as many of the jobs on the given tick list as possible.  Anything not completed gets rolled over to the following week.  The final level takes place on a Friday and is a focussed task.  Again, you spend no more than 30 minutes on it but this ensures that each part of your home gets a deep clean on a regular basis.

Vacuuming study

Between myself and James, this level of housework is more than manageable on a daily basis; even with after-school clubs for Meg and Eli, exercise classes for the two of us and just all the other weekly commitments we have.  Somehow knowing that you are working to a 30 minute deadline makes you go that much faster, and be that much more productive and I don’t know that our house has ever stayed at this level of tidiness before.  We obviously have the added difficulty of the fact that we are living in a renovation project-home and the general level of dust from the work we are doing is off the scale.  Before we started using TOMM I felt like I was never getting on top of things, and now I feel like it is completely possible to maintain.

It doesn’t stop there however.  Now that Meg and Eli are older, we are involving them in the tidying and cleaning process.  They have to take responsibility for their own rooms but they also have to help us out a few times a week when we do the 30 minutes.  We feel it is important for them to understand how much work goes into keeping a tidy home.  And to make things even easier (if that were possible!) we are trying to make smart decisions when it comes to the redecoration.  For example, at the moment we are working on the playroom and will be installing laminate flooring in the next month or so.  Although laminate may be the colder choice given that the room has no natural sunlight, it is perfect for a playroom as it will be super easy to clean up any mess or spills and should last us a lot longer than carpet would.  Our hope is to eventually have hardwood floors across the whole of downstairs to make it that much easier to clean up and keep things looking good!

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Different cleaning methods will appeal to different people but for me, the TOMM makes perfect sense.  I like having a guide to follow, I like that I can tick things off when I have done them.  I like that I don’t have to wonder which part of the house needs the most work as I just follow the eight weeks and know that every part will receive that important tidy and deep clean.  We no longer have a ‘Monica cupboard’ in our house; or imposing mountains of paperwork which we keep handily ignoring because we are forced to deal with each room throughout the programme.  You can even get TOMM playlists through Spotify to help get you through the routine.  It’s fantastic and has truly changed the way we clean our home.  I would highly recommend giving it a whirl.

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    January 1, 2019 at 12:19

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your cleaning routine for house and interiors. This routine definitely helpful for anyone. Thanks for sharing.

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    April 9, 2020 at 07:55

    Great guide! I really like this article so much and found very helpful. Thanks for the great ideas.

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