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adminJanuary 31, 2019

I kicked off this year by sitting and writing about my chosen word for 2019. My word was to ‘Be’ and incorporated into that was a concept of being still and content, of being intentional and of taking things slower. So I am a little bewildered as to how we have ended up being so busy already; and it is only the end of January!

We have gradually entered back into the routine of work and school after the Christmas break. I’m not sure if it’s because you spend time over Christmas and December seeing lots of family members (rather than in the summer when the break is actually longer), but it always seems harder to go back in January and takes us longer to adjust. Perhaps it is more to do with the fact that you have to contend with dark mornings and evenings, and general miserable weather too but there is just something about this time of year which seems bleaker. Harder. We will probably just make it back into the swing of things and then the half term break will arrive. Typical.

I started a few different projects this month; I suppose in keeping with fresh, new things at the start of a fresh, new year. I uploaded the first in a new series on my Youtube channel called ‘Between the Pages’ which I am very excited about. It’s going to be a mixture of vlogging our every day life and talking about the books I am currently reading. I know a large percentage of my audience on Youtube come for the book stuff so I’m hoping that this series will allow me to also weave in our every day memories in a way that is more interesting for viewers.

My second main project was that I announced plans for a reading retreat. This has long been a dream of mine so I am thrilled to have started the ball rolling with it all. We’ve had a few hiccups along the way with the original date in February having to be cancelled but I have a date for October and I am very excited about this. If I can make it work; gathering together like-minded people for a weekend of relaxation and reading then I will consider that a job well done.

Dunham Massey garden
Dunham Massey National Trust

Despite the fact that we have seemed incredibly busy, we have managed to get in a good mix of slower days as well which I think we have all appreciated. I took the kids to Dunham Massey, we have enjoyed walks on the beach, James and Eli went for a mega Daddy-son bike ride whilst me and Meg had a lazy day together and we’ve really just enjoyed being which is pretty much what I wanted for the year!

The only other ‘big news’ we have to share is that we are now also owners of two more small pets. After much wheedling and begging and pleading from Meg, we surprised her by getting two guinea pigs. We have chosen the names Luna and Hermione and to say Meg is made up is an understatement. I mean, let’s see how long the excitement lasts when she realises she has to clean them out every single week but still…for now she is one happy little thing.

Dunham Massey deer
formby beach sunset

And that is our January in a nutshell. I’d attempt to round-off by saying we are looking forward to a quiet February but that just simply would not be the truth!

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