This Is Us ǀ February 2019

adminFebruary 28, 2019

And so ends another busy month in our household. You’d have thought, logically, that with February being a shorter month we simply wouldn’t have had the time to squeeze so much in and yet with Meg and Eli being on half term, we managed to do plenty!

Both James and I had some holiday from work to use up so we actually spent the last half of the half term break together as a family and it was a really wonderful time. We were lucky enough to get some mild and sunny days and made the most of them (and our National Trust membership!) venturing a little further afield to places we haven’t visited before.

These included a drive up to The Lakes to explore Tarn Hows and a drive over into Yorkshire to Fountains Abbey. Both were new places for us and we managed to visit both on beautiful days. You’d absolutely never have known that we were in the middle of a British winter. I mean, technically we should probably all be a little nervous by the mixing of the seasons but it was honestly just nice to get out into the fresh air, to let the kids burn off their energy and enjoy a walk in stunning surroundings as a family. Helped me to get those steps in on my fitbit too which is never a bad thing.

Fountains Abbey National Trust Scenic View
Ruins at Fountains Abbey
View at Tarn Hows

With a joiner coming imminently to finish off the kitchen, we also moved onto our next home renovation project: the play room. Or as we are now calling it ‘the snug’. As I type this, the room has been completely gutted and taken back to bare walls and floorboard. James will be boxing out the old fireplace and making a feature of it, and then slowly over the next few weeks we will get on with the redecoration. I cannot wait to show you the finished room! I’ll try to show snippets of our progress over on Instagram if you want to find me there.

In other house news, once the weather stopped being quite so nice and the storms arrived we actually had a small disaster with our garage roof blowing off! It happened in the early hours of the morning and although I was woken by a loud sound I had no idea what it was until the next day when I opened our bedroom curtains and saw our roof in next door’s garden. Crazy!

If you will allow me to have a proud mama moment, in February we also got to watch Eli perform in his first music recital, accompanying his music tutor on the drums. I included a snippet in my Between the Pages vlog for the month and it is just the sweetest as he has the most serious face throughout. Clearly playing drums is only for the sensible.

Finale Gandeys Circus Liverpool
fire breathing gandeys circus liverpool

If that wasn’t enough we also managed to squeeze in a visit to the circus. It’s something we are lucky enough to be gifted almost every year and is always a highlight in February.

And that is our month in a little wrap-up. I know that these posts are not necessarily helpful or informative but I do enjoy how they act as a journal for us as a family and are something we will be able to look back on in years to come, so please allow me a little self-indulgence!

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