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Planning an Easy to Clean Bathroom

adminMarch 22, 2019

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Cleaning the bathroom has got to be one of the most hated household chores. We all like having a clean bathroom with shiny taps and fixtures, and none of us loves having a bath in a dirty and grimy tub. But, not many of us actually enjoy getting in there are scrubbing. And even fewer of us have got the time to give it the attention that it needs with so much else going on.

Fortunately, you don’t really need to. Now and then, you will undoubtedly need to give it a thorough deep clean. But, there is plenty that you can do to ensure that week to week, your bathroom only requires a quick going over, and it always looks sparkly clean. Creating an easy to clean bathroom can also mean that it’s more hygienic and less likely to harbour germs and bacteria. Here are some of the things that you need to do it.


A big problem in our bathrooms is that we’ve just got so much stuff. Bathroom clutter seems to build up quickly, and family bathrooms are filled with toys, towels and clothes, cleaning supplies, makeup, lotions and potions, perfumes, cotton pads, nappies and wipes, toiletries, medications and more. Having all of this out on display, or messily piled up can give dust, bacteria and germs plenty of room to hide and to grow. It also makes it much harder to clean. You’ll have to move every pot and jar to wipe, and it’ll take hours to give your bathroom a good clean.

Proper storage can make your life much easier. Cabinets and cupboards, with storage boxes to organise all of your bits and bobs, will reduce dust and bacteria, and make your bathroom look much cleaner and tidier.

Ditch the Tiles

Tiles in bathrooms look great, and they are certainly the traditional choice. But, keeping them clean is tough. When first tiled, your bathroom will look fantastic. But, it’s not long before the grout between tiles starts to show wear and tear. It’s tough to keep it looking it’s best for very long.

So, ditch the tiles. Instead opt for large wall panels that are easy to wipe down, with no seams or gaps to store dirt and germs. You could even get panels to look like tiles if you wanted to.

easy to clean bathroom

Wall Mounted Appliances

Traditional toilets and sinks are plumbed down into the floor. This can make it hard to clean your bathroom. Wall mounted appliances that don’t reach the floor can be much easier to clean underneath without having to get down on your hands and knees. Look at this website for some fantastic options of every kind.

Good Ventilation

Poor ventilation is the last thing that you want in your bathroom. It will lead to damp and the growth of mould. It could also make the room much dustier. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated by installing an extractor fan or at least open the window.

The Right Flooring

Carpet in the bathroom is hard to keep clean and often unsanitary, but wooden floors and tiles have gaps. Vinyl flooring can be a great, economical and easy to clean option.

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