fresh flowers in the home

Stylish and Cute Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

adminMarch 22, 2019

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The temperature is still a little chilly, but the next week or so is bringing plenty of blue skies and sunshine our way. And with the clocks ‘springing’ forward in the next fortnight, it is pretty safe to say that spring is here (or if not quite here, very nearly on the way). And if you are someone that likes to celebrate the seasons and bring a little of each season into your home, then here are some simple ways that you can do just that, to breathe some fresh air into your home and into your life this spring.

Decorate with Fresh Flowers

Is there anything that says ‘spring’ more than flowers? No doubt you will have seen flowers like daffodils and crocuses sprouting around you or in your garden, so being able to bring a little of that into your home is a great way to get your home ready for spring and looking good. Flowers can brighten up any space, especially with the bright spring colours that flowers have. Things like peonies are a good ideas as they are bright, full, and they bloom in late spring and early summer. Tulips is a classic British choice too, as well as daffodils, of course.

fresh flowers in the home

Mix Up Different Elements in the Home

Spring is one of the most eclectic time of the year as it brings several things together, so why not get a little funky in your home too? It can be easy to spruce up somewhere in your home by mixing some of the different things or elements that you have in the home, like a bright vase with a knit cushion, as well as adding in pops of colour through home accessories and other elements. Look out for some new patterns to try too and it can bring something new to the look of the home.

Decorate with Yellow

Not only is yellow (or mustard yellow) a pretty on-trend colour at the moment, it is a great colour to have in the home that pays homage to spring. It is a colour that can brighten up any space, as well as lift any mood. You could just use your fresh daffodils to add pops of yellow, but something as simple as a large vase filled with fresh lemons looks good but is practical too. Other things could be cushions on the sofa with yellow, a throw on the bed, or even choosing yellow hand soaps and things like that for your bathrooms.

Spring Scents

You may not feel like you need the cosiness and warmth of a candle in spring, but scented candles in fresh spring scents can be a great choice. Diffusing essential oils can be a less ‘heavy’ way to do things, or you could use spring scented cleaning products to bring that fresh smell in (think Zoflora, ala Mrs Hinch-style).

Have you got anything excited planned for spring or the coming months? It would be great to hear what you think.

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