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Unique Family Holiday Destination: Singapore

adminMarch 25, 2019

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International family travel, it’s a big step and can be a huge task when it comes to preparing children for a long-haul flight. Yes, it can take its toll but the sights, smells and people you’ll meet, not to mention the chance you’ll have to experience it all as a family makes it all worthwhile.

In this short blog, we take a look at one of the most family-friendly, fascinating island states in South East Asia, Singapore and why it’s the perfect stop over.

The island

Singapore is a city state and what a fascinating place it is to visit. Linked by a bridge to neighbouring Malaysia, Singapore is often described (by Westerners) as Asia-light but that doesn’t do it justice.

Yes, the metro system is clean and efficient and many of the road names harp back to a Colonial era, but Singapore is more than just its past it has a distinctly unique culture, which makes exploring all the more fun.

The food

You might go for the weather (hot, all the time and humid) but you’ll stay for the food. Pick up a dish of the famous chicken rice for $3 at a hawker centre or head to the famous Satay By The Bay, to watch the eponymous dish prepared over open grills. Fabulous food is everywhere. Yes, you could spend a lot more at the huge array of cafes and restaurants but the best food you’ll get is where the locals eat.

Just watch out for packets or single tissues left on seats or tables, that means that area is reserved. Singapore etiquette demands you respect the laws of ‘choping’ and let the tissue owner have their seat once they’ve got their food.

The sights

For families, Singapore has everything. Water parks, the famous zoo with its night and water safaris, the bird park and so much more. Check out the ArtScience Museum with its interactive displays and workshops for children or head down to the Gardens By The Bay to see the Super Trees perform their evening song. There’s so much geared towards children and many of it is free. Hop on the monorail to Sentosa and enjoy a day by the beach or an afternoon splashing around the (free) Port Of Lost Wonder water play and pirate ship.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore


The travel

Yes, it is far from European cities, though slightly less so from those in the Southern Hemisphere. But it is well worth the visit. Whether you’re stopping off on a trip around the world or making Singapore your base to explore neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand, take time to get to know this amazing island. Research sites like Travelbag for top tips.

It might be hot, there might be some downpours but that amazing food, those incredible sights and the friendly residents will go a long way in creating a trip that stays with you for a long time to come and creates memories you’ll love to talk about again and again.

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