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This Is Us ǀ March 2019

adminApril 12, 2019

For fear of sounding like a broken record, I have tried to think of another way to start this monthly family round-up post without saying something along the lines of ‘how is it April already?’ or ‘where has the last month gone?’ but in truth…that’s all I’ve got I’m afraid! Somehow we managed to not actually do very much in March and yet the whole 31 days went by in a blur.

At the very least, Spring has arrived here in the UK. As I write this, the sun is shining and later we are heading out to make the most of the mild weather.

In terms of our little tribe in the month of March, there are only bits and pieces for me to note down. I like to write this blog posts almost like journal entries, knowing I can look back in months and years to come and discover these small snippets of our lives; but it’s tricky when there isn’t so much to say!

The very start of March saw us heading into the kids school because Eli had reached the final of the school’s talent contest. My heart! He stood and sang ‘Love Runs Out’ by OneRepublic all on his own. To do that, in front of over 200 pupils, staff and parents at 7 years old is no mean feat and although he didn’t win, I was incredibly proud of him.

world book day oliver twist
world book day hiccup

It was also World Book Day, here in the UK and, as you might expect from someone who basically lives with her nose buried in stories, it was a pretty big deal in this house. Meg is going through a ‘classics’ stage and chose to go as Oliver from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Eli was a little trickier, but eventually settled on Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.

In terms of progress with the house: we started work on the garden and the playroom/snug but didn’t actually get very far. I’m hoping this is just a temporary blip as we had something fairly significant taking place at the start of April which took a lot of time and energy in the run-up. I’ll be able to reveal more on that soon, in another post, but it certainly had us distracted in the final two weeks. At the moment I am blaming this for our lack of progress but let’s see what I have to report as we come to the end of this month!

garden renovation

And I suppose that’s it really. We did also attend a family wedding (my head DEFINITELY hurt the next day as we were sans children) and it was Mother’s Day on the 31st which I enjoyed immensely and felt very loved and spoiled by both James and the kids. But there is really not much more to report. I’m hoping April will be far more interesting; in fact, I know April will be far more interesting and I’m already looking forward to sitting down and sharing all that we got up to. So do keep your eyes peeled for that post soon.

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