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Liverpool Indoor Funfair – Visit This Easter

adminApril 15, 2019

If you are in need of some family entertainment this Easter, then head to the Liverpool Exhibition Centre at Kings Dock, where you can enjoy all the fun of the fair. Indoors!

The Indoor Funfair will be in the Exhibition Centre between 15-22 April, with three sessions taking place daily. We were invited along to try out the funfair in the opening session; and to see what we thought.

There are 18 different rides and attractions, for a range of ages. These rides are exactly what you would expect to find at a local funfair, with the likes of the teacups, waltzer, funhouse all featuring plus plenty more. It is worth noting the height and age restrictions on each ride ahead of time as this will determine whether you need an accompanying adult to purchase a ride ticket (for example, Eli, who is 1.25m was unable to ride some of the bigger rides on his own and so I needed a rider ticket)

Liverpool Indoor Funfair
Funhouse Liverpool Indoor Funfair

The Indoor Funfair is all about affordable, family fun and I feel this is reflected in the ticket prices. A wristband costs £10, and this gets you unlimited rides/goes on each of the attractions for the whole of your 3 hour session. The Indoor Funfair also doesn’t oversell the sessions so you don’t need to worry about having to queue, something all parents know is a pain when you have excitable young children; in fact we only had to queue for one ride the whole time we were there. If you don’t need to, or want to ride, then you can purchase a spectator ticket for £2.

Although there were a number of attractions for older children to enjoy, the big draw for both Meg and Eli was the 200ft inflatable obstacle course. Known as ‘The Energiser’ they even managed to persuade me to have a go! I can’t say it was necessarily my cup of tea but they both spent a good 20 minutes simply going back to the beginning and racing through again and it was the last thing they wanted to go on before we had to leave when our session was over.

My personal favourite with the 3D funhouse (keep your eyes peeled for my Between the Pages for April where you can catch a glimpse of both me and Meg totally failing to navigate our way through!). I also enjoyed the Mexican Wave.

Swings Liverpool Indoor Funfair
Liverpool Indoor Funfair

It is worth noting that there are some games and stalls which aren’t included in the entry price, but it is easy to circumnavigate these if you don’t want to spend extra money. To give you an idea of price, we did the hook a duck which was £3.50 per go, with a prize.

There is also an on-site cafe, refreshment stalls dotted around and easy access to toilets and baby-changing facilities if needed. On arrival I asked about a cloakroom so we could leave our coats and fully enjoy being indoors but this wasn’t open during our visit, so I can’t say whether or not there will be access. However it was no issue to leave my bag and our coats when we were on a ride; I found the staff to be extremely friendly and more than happy to watch our stuff if needed.

A full list of all the rides and attractions is available on the Exhibition Centre’s website and on the Indoor Funfair’s Facebook page. I’d recommend familiarising yourself before you go, so that you know what to expect.

Overall it was a very enjoyable way to spend 3 hours, it got the thumbs up from both Meg (9) and Eli (7) and if you want to get out of the house and discover the joy of the funfair without having to worry about the British weather then I would definitely suggest having a look in more detail.

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