Reasons To Listen To Music While Exercising

adminApril 16, 2019

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It’s not a secret that listening to music when exercising to will help your motivation. Its something that the majority of people who hit the gym do and it’s by no means a new concept. But understanding why your favourite music helps to improve your exercising isn’t as clear cut.

It has been found that listening to music can not only help improve your performance during exercise but can also help to almost hide the impact it’s having and make us able to push harder to achieve goals. Working music into a routine to improve our pace and our control helps us to feel as though a work out may be easier than if there had been no music involved. Take a look at some of the reason’s to include music into your next gym session.

Your Effect Will Increase

It has been found that people work harder when listening to faster-paced music compared to listening to slow music. We’ve probably all felt the beat when it comes to a fast tempo too, even if it just while cleaning the house we seem to dust that little bit quicker when listening to dance music rather than our favourite ballad so it’s no wonder listening to faster music would make us put more effort into exercising without even knowing it. Bear in mind though that a beat between 120-140 bpm (beats per minute) have the best effect as too fast can be too much.

It Will Help To Keep A Steady Pace

Ever struggled with keeping the momentum going when running on that treadmill or cycling up that hill? You’re not alone in this however listening to music can really give you that push you need to stay at the steady speed that you want. You could try listening to different types of music to find the best tempo for you. You could even create a playlist that moves tempo with the level of effort you want to put in such as workout through to your cool down. If your struggling for inspiration when it comes to songs to chose Origym have put together a List of best rap workout songs.

Music Can be Your Distraction

Music is such a wonderful distraction when it comes to exercise. It has the capability of making the participant less aware of their exertion which in the long run could mean that they are able to put in more effort than they would of without music. It’s best to make sure that you don’t overdo it though so chose music that’s ideal for working out. Places like Spotify have ready-made playlists that are specifically designed for your daily workout. More upbeat tunes have a higher success rate when it comes to distraction so would be more ideal than listening to something on a slower tempo.

Music Makes You Move

It’s not a new discovery that music has the amazing capability of making us want to move. From slow songs that make us sway though to dance music that makes us want to bounce. If there’s a beat us humans tend to want to have a bit of jig or find it difficult to stay even if it’s just tapping our foot unknowingly. This is all down to our lovely brain! It gets excited and induces movement into the listener. This means if you have serious lack of motivation listening to the playlist will help you to get going as it’s natural in our brains to want to move, so put it to good use and use it on your exercising. If you have to drive to get to your gym or exercise class why not try listening to some upbeat music on the way and see if that gets your body wanting to move. You might even turn in that annoying person that always seems to be in the mood for an hour of Zumba!

It Lifts Your Mood

Everybody has had that time when they have felt down in the dumps or just no themselves so they’ve stuck on their favourite tune. That’s because music has the power to lift your mood and start making you feel happier. A lot of people use music as a tool to change their mood and find a massive sense of awareness from this. It can allow you to think about yourself and sometimes give you an escape from what’s going on even if it is just for a few minutes it can make you feel so much better. You can use this alongside doing some exercise as exercise is also known to help you with you keep a healthy mindset and increase positivity.

Do you have any other reasons to listen to music while exercising? Please share them in the comments section below.

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