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Our Summer Travel Plans

adminMay 24, 2019

I love to travel. It seems a funny thing really for a person who actually gets quite anxious in the run-up to any great event but once we are passed the panic over leaving passports, or the need to begin washing and packing clothes weeks in advance, or the constant worrying that we will have a ‘Home Alone’ style moment and forget to bring one of the kids along, I actually consider it one of my greatest passions.

I have had some amazing travelling experiences in my 32 years. Spain, France, Uganda, the Maldives, Egypt, Tuscany in Italy, Zambia, Botswana, Chicago, USA …all places I have visited and loved. Some with James, some on my own and some as a family.

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At the moment, time and finances don’t allow us to travel as much as I would like, but once we get the house renovation out of the way I’m hoping that it can be something we return to with vigour. I would like for Meg and Eli to see and explore as much of the world as they can, not only because I think it’s important to learn and discover other cultures but also because it’s pretty darn exciting to boot.

So this year, so far, we have done a few UK weekend breaks but nothing huge. We needed to keep things low-key and this is primarily because we have a 3 week road trip planned for the summer. To say I am thrilled about this is probably an understatement.

It all began with my father in law’s 60th birthday, which is in September this year. As an extended family, we had wanted to go away together but school term times and work commitments and finances had meant we went back and forth about where we could go. Big surprise then when James’ mum announced that she had booked for us all to go to Disneyland Paris for 5 days in the summer (full reaction at 13mins in this video). We have wanted to take the kids to Disneyland for absolutely ages but it never seemed like the right time…I guess this summer will be it!

James and I began discussions on whether we wanted to extend that trip, whether we wanted to try and tag on an extra week to just be together as a foursome and soak up the (hopefully!) nice weather. During the middle of these discussions Condor Ferries reached out to us. You may remember that last year we were kindly accommodated by Condor Ferries on a trip to Guernsey and they wanted to invite us back for a return visit…

…and so our summer road trip was born.

cannon guernsey
beach guernsey

I don’t want to give too much away at this point, but the basic plan is that over a three week period we will spend some time in Guernsey, followed by a week in the Aquitaine region of France, before driving up to Paris to explore the city for a couple of days, finally finishing off the trip with our Disneyland experience. Then of course there is just the small matter of getting back home again.

Aside from the week we plan to spend literally lying by the pool, it’s going to be quite an intense ‘holiday’ but I’m really excited. We are planning to use the trip to test the waters on how the kids would potentially get on with a bigger road trip (looking at you USA) or whether that it something worth leaving for a few more years. We will see!

For now I’m trying not to panic that in just over two months we will be off and neither myself nor Eli have a valid passport! Whoops.

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