5 Ways Your Home Needs to Give You Peace of Mind

adminJuly 5, 2019

*This is a guest post*

Life is a crazy ride and there’s enough stress to go around and then some. 

The last thing you need is for your home environment to add to the stress when, in fact, the opposite should be the reality. 

Here’s how your home should (and can) give you peace of mind. 

It Can And Should Be Your Haven

Your home is your castle, or whatever. That’s what they say and I think they may be right. 

Your home should be your haven.

Well, a few years ago that definitely wasn’t the case for me. Our home was cluttered, dark and chaotic. 

It caused so much stress that walking into my home would ricochet me into an anxious mess.

Fast forward to two years ago, I began working on my home – got rid of the clutter (eventually) and redecorated in a style that suited my family and me. 

Today I enjoy cleaning and I’d rather be home, doing things that will improve our home and family life than spend money trying to escape my surroundings. 

Plus, we can find stuff now.

It’s truly a powerful thing, turning your home into a haven. It’s worth every penny and all the hours that I’ve had to put into getting it to that.

A clean and serene home makes for a serene life. 

There Should Be Room To Grow 

Meeting your dream partner, a big white wedding, and children running around – that’s the dream that seems out of reach for so many people. 

Until it happens, and before you know it, it’s all happened almost at once. 

Suddenly, your quaint little one bedroom flat seems to be bursting at the seems. 

And let’s face it, even if your personal dreams don’t outgrow your home, your professional ones could. 

A lot of times it could be both – work at home moms are superhuman creatures that may actually have the ability to bend the laws of time. 

Anyway, the point is, when you’re in a home that you can not see a future in, that has no potential for growth in the important aspects of your life, then it’s time to find one that does. 

Your home should be able to grow with you so that you don’t have to move every time life hurls a couple of twists at you – which it’s been known to do. 

Home Warranties Can Be Multi-Functional Magic

I love things that serve more than one purpose – and as you can imagine, wet wipes are pretty high on that list. 

Things that have many uses just save money and effort and honestly, I’m all for it. 

When it comes to broadening your perception of cost and worth with regards to your home, your home warranty plan is something that can pack a serious punch. 

A home warranty plan is not the same as home insurance and most people, including myself, don’t know that until they start looking into it. 

A home insurance plan covers your home and (likely) some of your home’s contents, against things like natural disasters, theft, and building defects. 

A home warranty plan is a type of insurance that has to do with the essential systems of your home such as plumbing, electricity, HVAC, etc. It can also cover your appliances, along with these systems against wear and tear and age-related breakdowns, which is something you should take advantage of.  

That means when your washing machine is starting to squeak and it needs a service, then your home warranty coverage should help you do that. The right home warranty plan will give you the best cover for both of those categories. 

Your Home Shouldn’t Be A MoneyPit

In addition to choosing your insurance and home warranty plans wisely, your home shouldn’t cost you more money and effort than you’re willing to give, which in my case, is not much honestly. 

It may not be obvious sometimes but there are small and sneaky ways that your home could be leaching away at your time and money:


I know, I know. I’ve literally just talked about clutter, but hear me out.

Clutter not only drains you mentally and spiritually – it also drains your wallet. 

Why? Because you can never find anything and you end up buying more. 

If you don’t believe me start decluttering and take pictures of how many multiples you have. 

Inadequate Maintenance

It’s annoying as all hell to have a leaking roof when there’s a massive rainstorm and not to mention what serious damage that could do to your home, structurally, as well as your contents. 

But if your home has been properly maintained, odds are, that leak likely wouldn’t have happened. 

In the same way, a lack of maintenance can cause your water and power bills to skyrocket. 

Don’t believe me? 

Your leaky tap? Can waste between 1 and 6 liters of water a day.

10 drops of water a minute can waste 347 gallons of water a year, according to USGS.

What? That’s crazy.

But not as crazy as the knowledge that a rubber seal of roughly $1.50 could’ve prevented all of that. 

Home maintenance can save you loads, make sure you start implementing a home maintenance plan as soon as possible. 

Your Home Can Sustain You

I’m sure you’ve heard of off the grid living, and it’s not exactly a modern concept nor is it one that everyone can or wants to embrace. 

Off the grid living, or living off the land, means that you are self-sufficient and can live and thrive without public resources.

I’m not saying you should do that though. 

Something as simple as a kitchen herb garden could help you cut your grocery bill whilst also inspiring healthier living which in turn can free up your budget and improve your health. 


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