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Favourite eBay Fashion Buys

adminAugust 20, 2019

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This year, as part of our aim as a family to be more intentional, I decided that I needed to take control of my wardrobe. I have long been a fan of ‘fast-fashion’ but with overflowing drawers, constant bags of clothes waiting to be donated to charity and yet seemingly never having anything to wear (sound familiar?) I knew something needed to change.

Easier said than done when you are working on a budget of basically nothing, so when it came to finding places to purchase my intentional / capsule wardrobe, I needed to be smart.

Enter: eBay.

In my mind, eBay was the place you went for second-hand and preloved items. It was not a place to go if you wanted to buy new. Especially clothes. But after a little research I realised that as well as purchasing some preloved, high quality pieces, I could also find new clothing for a decent price. I couldn’t always guarantee the fit or the quality but it was worth a shot and I have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome for the most part.

Before I show you my purchases, I wanted to quickly share my three tried and tested top tips for clothes shopping on eBay:-

  1. Check the feedback from any seller prior to purchasing to ensure they are legit;
  2. Shop around as there are many sellers who have the same items and you can often find better prices by dedicating a little time to looking;
  3. Give yourself a large delivery window. Often these items are coming from abroad and can take up to 3 weeks to arrive so it’s not a great otpion for a last minute purchase.

I have to also address the concern that buying from eBay means I am unable to check whether the clothing is being ethically made. As I mentioned above, a lot of the time it is coming from abroad and combine that with the prices paid…and I would guess not. Whilst I am trying to make an effort to ensure that my purchases are fairly and ethically made, this isn’t always an option. I am totally for full transparency and I know not everyone is a fan of fast-fashion so I wanted to quickly mention it so we are all on the same page.

Having just returned from our summer road trip, and having therefore put a number of these outfits through their paces, I wanted to share a few of my favourites. And possible inspire you to go ahead and try eBay for yourselves.

green dungarees black tshirt

This green playsuit may actually be my most favourite item. I wore it whilst we were in Paris and although I definitely had a few second glances from passers-by it was so comfortable and so flattering. I like that it is adjustable and the material was perfect for warm weather; it was lightweight but not see-through and it didn’t seem to crease too badly either.

It cost £6.31 and although I did also order a pink one, in the end I decided against wearing it as I looked like an overgrown toddler. I think the khaki hits just the right notes however.

I ordered a small which is a size 8 and I would say that these are pretty true to size; the benefit of dungarees being that they are a little more adjustable than some other garments.

khaki dungarees
blue linen dungarees

I mentioned in my last fashion post that I was late to the dungarees-game but I continued my newly discovered love with this lightweight linen/cotton pair. I opted for a navy blue colour and wore it a few times whilst we were away; sometimes with a black tee and sometimes with a white tee. Sometimes also with a little Minnie Mouse pin for meeting the main lady herself!

I wasn’t too sure about these dungarees when I first received them as they were very wide on the body, and I felt like you could see straight down the side to my underwear. They did shrink when washed, which for me was a good thing, but you might want to size up if you are worried about the shrinking meaning they aren’t a good fit once they’ve been washed.

Again I ordered a small which is a size 8 but these are not adjustable which does make a difference I think, and they are meant to have an oversized look.

I’ve since worn this back in the UK as well and have had a number of compliments. Who would have thought that it cost the princely sum of £10.75

The final item I want to show you is the sister of a dress which has featured before, worn with a slight twist. I haven’t been confident enough to wear this stripe dress before now; but I decided to pair it with a plain white tee, knotted at the bottom (oh the fun of trying to secure a ‘simple’ and ‘casual’ knot!) so that it looked more like a skirt.

blue stripe dress white tee

Again, I’ve had a number of compliments about this outfit and I’m pleased I decided to give it a whirl. The dress cost me £8.99. I ordered a size 8 and it was definitely TTS. I can’t find the original listing but this one is pretty much identical and is even cheaper at £5.30!

Overall I would say that I have been very impressed with my eBay purchases. I did have a couple of ‘duds’ in the form of an oversize linen shirt which was just horrendous and made of the cheapest polyester material (not at all as advertised!) and I’ve found that sometimes the sizing can vary, so I do try and fully read descriptions where applicable but I’ve been so pleased with the majority of pieces, and I hope you enjoy the way I have styled them.

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