cosy scarf fall outfit idea

Favourite Autumn Outfits

adminSeptember 24, 2019

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I could basically re-title this post, ‘give me all the cosy sweaters’ because that is pretty much what autumn fashion boils down to for me; big scarfs and cosy jumpers I can snuggle up in. I actually find myself craving that break from summer more and more now, and the chance to bring out clothes which are just so much more comforting and comfortable to wear.

I feel like autumn clothing is just so much less fussy that summer outfits; you can basically throw on an oversize sweater and some ripped jeans and you are good to go. With that in mind (I did put a little more thought into these outfits!) here are some of my favourite options for fall:-

James calls this my ‘looking like I’ve forgotten to take my dressing gown off’ look but it’s actually pretty comfortable. And I promise you it is not a dressing gown! It is a knock-off version of a much more expensive long grey jacket doing the rounds and there isn’t that much fabric to speak of. In hindsight I’d probably have plumped to pay a little more and get one which is slightly higher in quality; but unless you are actually up close and touching the fabric I think it does the job.

Also I’d highly recommend a visit to the Bombed Out Church if you are local to Liverpool; a beautiful place to spend a little time having a wander, and we were even treated to some impromptu live music (I’m still not entirely sure if the guy with the guitar and the speaker system was meant to be there…)

cosy sweater fall outfit idea
cosy sweater fall outfit idea

In my opinion you absolutely cannot go wrong with an oversize blanket scarf. I have many different styles, colours and patterns in my wardrobe but these are two of my favourites. The tartan one I get asked about on a regular basis; I picked mine up from eBay but I think you can also get them from Amazon. I know at least five people who have purchased them in RL since seeing me in mine!

If you are worried about styling it, there are tons of tutorials on Youtube but I think the messier the better. I fold mine in half into a triangle, place it up against my neck and wrap around once. Then I fidget with it, tucking bits in and loosening parts until it feels right. I think this is a ‘do what feels best’ kind of scenario.

Also, if you are interested my reuseable mug is a bamboo William Morris & Co one from Amazon, I use it all the time and it’s so good. It’s the first one I’ve had that hasn’t leaked or lost the seal around the lid. It does have some discoloration from the tannin in the tea but I’m confident that would happen regardless of the container. I love the pattern too, it’s so pretty.

The over-the-knee boots are another eBay special, as is the white oversize top. It’s meant to be a longline top but I like tucking it in on one side to give it a bit more of a layered and interesting feel.

cosy scarf fall outfit idea
cosy scarf fall outfit idea

I think I’ve saved the best till last though because here is a jumper I am absolutely obsessed with. I spotted it on someone’s pinterest, quite randomly and then literally scoured the internet for it. I actually bought it from the US I was so determined that I was going to have it! It’s a little bit shorter in the body than I would usually go for but I actually quite like the look of it with a French tuck to make it not feel so cropped.

I tend to pair it with super ripped jeans which again (surprise surprise) I picked up from eBay and my converse. I also like rolling the sleeves up to give it that extra something. It’s quite lightweight too so ideal for the fall season. The jeans I bought are no longer listed but I found these which are quite similar.

cosy sweater fall outfit idea
cosy sweater fall outfit idea

What do you think of my choices? I’ll do a favourite fall outfits part two shortly, as honestly I have so many ideas and combinations. This is a season which is made for me.

Crisp mornings and cosy outfits are my jam. 100%.

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