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Air Unlimited Liverpool – Review plus Giveaway!

adminDecember 18, 2019

AD Gifted – our visit to Air Unlimited was complimentary. However all views remain impartial and our own.

As a family we are always looking for fun ways to keep entertained, especially local ones, so when Air Unlimited Liverpool got in touch and invited us to their VIP Launch Night we were very keen to go along.

Air Unlimited Liverpool has recently undergone a transformation. Located in Speke, just behind the airport, this is Liverpool’s first and only combo park, bringing together trampolines and the UK’s most advanced inflatable playground, in one location.

I have to admit that I usually give active things like this a miss, leaving the kids to it, but I was curious to see what the new inflatable section was like so I duly donned my Air Unlimited socks and bravely followed after Meg and Eli. Let me say that the strength of an 8 and a 10 year old far surpass this mother of 32 years! Upper body strength is not my jam. But I could hear the many squeals of delight and yells of excitement so although my arms were crying, everyone else seemed to be having a wonderful time.

air unlimited liverpool

I asked Meg and Eli for their thoughts (having retreated to the safety of the balcony which overlooks the trampolines after my one trip round the inflatables was done in order to recover!):

Meg: “It was really cool how big it was and when you went onto the inflatable bit, you could take different routes but it would always lead you to the same space (spoiler!) but it was really fun…the obstacles as well and I could practise my gymnastics on the long trampolines which was good. All in all, I loved it!”

Eli: “I thought it was really good because of how many trampolines it had, and the airbag that you could jump onto. The inflatable area was cool and you could go round as many times as you wanted, there wasn’t a limit.”

air unlimited liverpool
air unlimited liverpool

As a parent, I could appreciate how much thought had been put into the park. It’s not ideal that you can’t see into the inflatable playground from the balcony, although from a practical level, if you weren’t happy for your kids to go off and explore alone then you can easily book to go round with them. There was plenty of seating in the cafe area, including some raised seating at the back which was a good idea as you can see over onto the trampolines rather than having to constantly be looking over someone else’s shoulder. You should be aware that the stairs to get to the cafe section pass right by the front door, so you need to be confident that your kids can come to you without being tempted to pop outside.

On the whole though, I was very impressed. We’ve been to a number of trampoline parks over the years and the one thing which always sticks out to me is how quickly the kids get bored. Especially when it’s busy. You’ve paid X amount for an hour’s bouncing and after 15-20 minutes they are bored of bouncing! Air Unlimited had plenty to keep them busy….trampolines, football pitches, a giant and a mini airbag, an inflatable selfie sofa, plus of course the inflatable playground which is impressive in its size and the different sections it contains. We wouldn’t hesitate to suggest it as a great indoor activity for kids and if you check out their website, they have lots of different sessions available too such as toddler mornings and Air Austism sessions.

We will mostly definitely be back. Especially with two weeks of school holidays looming. Perhaps we’ll even persuade James to give it a go!

As part of our attendance at the VIP Launch we were given three family passes to give away to three lucky readers. These passes are valid for up to four people for a one-hour session until the 20th February 2020 so the ideal activity over the Christmas holidays or during February half term if the weather outside truly is frightful…to enter just hop over to my Instagram and follow the instructions. Good luck!

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