Your Underwear Wishlist for 2020

adminMarch 10, 2020

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The women’s fashion industry is a diverse one, and it can make shopping for new pieces really difficult! After all, how are you supposed to choose between all the different styles and designs that you have fallen in love with? The same goes for women’s underwear; it’s no longer just a thing of practicality, as modern styles bring comfortable, sexy and functional together.

The lingerie industry is experiencing a huge overhaul, as brands understand more about inclusivity and diversity, as well as responding to your needs and wants. So, with that in mind, here are some of the must-haves you should add to your underwear wishlist for 2020.

Same underwear, different colours

Found a particular pair of knickers you love? Get them in every shade! The beauty of women’s underwear is that it can look completely different from colour to colour, giving you a rainbow of lingerie to choose from. Finding a pair of knickers that fit wonderfully and look great on you is a huge success, so hold on to them.

While this is more of a tip than a must-have, it’s a crucial piece of advice when it comes to shopping for underwear! Comfortable and well-fitting underwear can boost your confidence and make you feel great, so if it means buying multiple pairs, who’s judging?

Pastel hues

While neon has been dominating the catwalk for multiple seasons, the underwear industry is leaning more towards pastel shades for a softer, delicate and more romantic approach to your undergarments. It is also the perfect colour choice for the upcoming spring season.

Pale pink, blue, lilac or even soft green are beautiful colours used in underwear, creating a subtle look that suits any shape or size. Making sure you have a choice of
pastel hues amongst your underwear collection can mean you always have a failsafe choice to hand, no matter the occasion.

Multiway underwear

There has been a rise in practical underwear that is still sexy, resulting the perfect styles for many women who don’t want to compromise on one for the other; and why should you have to?

Multiway underwear was long seen as a simple solution, but often came in quite plain styles and was purely for providing underwear solutions for awkward clothing. Now, the industry has risen to the challenge and multiway underwear has become desirable. With removable and changeable straps, you can tailor your underwear perfectly to your needs.

Created with flattering styles and wearable colours, this is the best example of taking something practical and making sure it’s still comfortable and sexy.


Following from this, shapewear seems to have appeared everywhere you look in 2020. Shapewear was previously seen as a solution that suggested women’s original figures weren’t good enough, and they needed structural undergarments to help pull them in to create a smaller waist or bigger bum.
Modern shapewear has revolutionised this, with slight thanks to Kim Kardashian West’s latest line of ‘solutionwear’. Now, this type of underwear is a desirable solution for enhancing the figure you already have, not transforming it into something else. This type of shapewear also offers unconventional solutions for things like split dresses, asymmetrical hems and backless dresses.

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