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JessDecember 14, 2020

AD – this post has been created in conjunction with Jack’s Supermarket. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Every year we have what we call our ‘festive day’; usually the first weekend in December when we go out and buy a new bauble, decorate our tree to the soulful sound of Michael Buble followed by a picnic tea in front of the tree and a Christmas movie. We’ve done this for the last few years and it always goes down a treat. I think the kids particularly enjoy getting to have a picky tea where most of the food items are the same colour!

This year has been tough and I know many of us are looking to make our money go that little bit further, especially this Christmas. Part of the Tesco family, Jack’s is all about just that and they have plenty of great festive treats to stock up on ahead of the big day (or to taste test in advance as we did!). 100% of Jack’s turkey, lamb, beef and chicken is British and although there are lots of Jack’s own brand products in store, such as their giant festive sausage roll (thumbs up from Eli) but they also have a number of well known big brands too.

Prior to being asked to collaborate with Jack’s, I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t a supermarket which was on my radar. Ahead of our visit we didn’t know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. We knew instantly that we wanted to stock up for our festive day and Meg and Eli had great fun picking out their favourite party snacks to enjoy. The store was well laid out, with clear social distancing markers and signposting although it wasn’t too busy during our visit. It’s little things like this that also help during this strange time I think; especially when you go somewhere new.

You won’t find just food there however, there was a good range of Christmas presents and decorations as well as your standard grocery and household items. Jack’s have new offers every Thursday with a WIGIG (When it’s Gone it’s Gone) aisle with plenty of toys and household items available in the run up to Christmas as well. Meg managed to snag a couple of presents for her friends which were fairly priced. I think she’s hoping for the Panda Mug she chose to appear in her stocking…but we’ll have to see about that!

Our festive day food is all about those treats you can’t get enough of; think mini sausages, chicken goujons, onion rings, samosas…basically if it’s beige it goes in the mix. We decorate our table and lay it out exactly like a mini buffet and we all help ourselves throughout the evening. My personal favourite were the breaded mushrooms but I seemed to be in the minority on that one. We also tried the giant festive sausage roll which was truly huge. It was delicious but as there was only four of us there was also plenty leftover for us to pick at throughout the week. The leftovers are actually also another favourite part; the kids enjoy taking them in their lunches for the remainder of the week.

Jack's supermarket festive range
Jack's supermarket Britain's favourite brands

As we had been invited by Jack’s, and given a £40 voucher to put towards our items we ran a little bet as we went around the shop, each guessing how much we thought the final total would be. James was convinced (as our pull along basket overflowed) that it would easily be closer to the £80 mark. I thought more like £50-60 so we were extremely pleased when the grand total came to just £46. In that we’d also added a couple of presents, some Christmas cards, a meal deal with two pizzas, some sides and two desserts, a bottle of cava and all our festive food. As I said, we will have plenty leftover for the rest of the week so Jack’s really does offer good value for money.

Jack’s have a range of stores in the North West, I’ll leave a link here so you can find your local store. There is also an app you can download which allows you to ‘shop smart’. You use the app to scan your shopping as you go round and then pay at the end. Something else I think is worthwhile knowing if you would like to keep your shopping experience as contact-free as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall we were pleased with our experience at Jack’s; from the range of items available to the prices. It’s certainly a store worth checking out if you have one in your local area.

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  • Donna

    December 16, 2020 at 18:47

    I’ve never heard of Jacks but it sounds great. I’m always looking for alternatives from the big name supermarkets and this could be just the thing x

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