Enhancements For Your Garden This Summer

adminMarch 10, 2021

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Ways to enhance your garden for summer

If your garden isn’t looking ready for summer yet, then you’re not alone. Many of us are starting to turn our thoughts to long sunny days. However, most of us haven’t even begun tidying and sprucing up the garden.

If you’re looking at your outdoor space though and wondering how to elevate it from plain to pretty, you may need a few ideas. So, here’s a bit of garden inspiration. 

A new floral display

Adding a new floral display to your garden is a great idea. Spring is the perfect time to pick and plant your summer bulbs, ready for a colourful display in the summer. Your floral display could be created pretty much anywhere that gets a bit of sun. You don’t need to stick to borders. Pots, containers, and hanging baskets are ideal for many flowers. So, whatever size your garden is, you should be able to add a new floral display this year.

A peaceful space to read and unwind

If you’re a booklover, why not create a peaceful spot in the garden for reading? A space to switch off and unwind. If you don’t have a secluded corner to use, you could create an area with a bit of natural screening. Willow, brushwood or bamboo screening, combined with a few tall plants, could work well. You’ll need some type of seating too. Perhaps a bench with cushions or a hammock for lazing.

An outdoor family room

If you spend a lot of time indoors with the family, you might benefit from creating an outdoor family room for the summer. A place to play games together or enjoy al fresco mealtimes. Outdoor furniture sets can be expensive, so you could use old pallets to make some bench seating and a table. L-shaped seating works well for socialising together, but it will depend on how much space you have. Using solar lighting and adding some throws for the evenings might be useful too. 

Connect the front and rear spaces

If you’ve got front and rear gardens that don’t feel connected at the moment, you could try to create a more seamless space. If you’ve got a driveway at the front, with a path that leads around to the back, it may seem a bit disjointed. Especially if there’s a mix of tarmac, concrete and paving. Installing continuous paving that sweeps seamlessly around to the back, creating a path that opens out to a patio area, could enhance your outdoor space. There are lots of different styles on the market, so you should be able to find block paving prices to suit your budget.

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