Creating a Winter-Ready Outside Area in 5 Steps

adminOctober 28, 2021

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During the months of lockdown and social distancing measures, our gardens took on a whole new meaning. For many families around the country, a garden or patio became a safe place where to work out, garden, spend time with friends and family in safety, and take in a healthy breath of fresh air. 

And, there is no doubt that you have spent the summer enhancing your garden and transforming it into a personal paradise. However, now that the cold season is approaching, you should not look at your garden as a place that needs to be shut down over winter. Let’s have a look at the tasks to complete to enjoy this space all year round. 

Clean and Declutter

The first step to look after your garden as the winter months approach is to clean and declutter the whole area. As the winds and rains become more intense, it is likely for your garden to become covered in leaves and twigs. 

Clean up the soil, mulch your perennials, and wrap up your roses so that they can bloom just as beautifully as the summer comes. 

However, if you have green fingers and you love to bring on the dinner table what you have cooked, don’t hesitate to continue growing your own food, including pumpkins, carrots, aubergines, and Brussel sprouts. 

Invest in Heating and Lighting

If you are looking to make the most of your garden during the winter months, you will need to invest in outdoor heating and lighting. Indeed, as the days get colder and shorter, you and your guests will need to keep warm to continue enjoying the outdoor environment. 

Whether you opt for gas, solid fuel, or electric heating, make sure to position it in a covered and well-light area that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather conditions. 

Consider Building a Patio

Building a patio or decking does not have to take longer than a couple of weekends – especially if you are a DIY expert or you can leverage the help of an expert construction company. 

And, while you might not want to start construction projects later on during the winter season, there are still a few weeks left to build a covered area from which to enjoy the magic of the autumn and winter months. Aside from making your outside area more enjoyable, a well-designed patio can yield an ROI of over 80% and increase your home value by 8-10%!

Invest in Furniture

Furniture is essential to create an area that everyone can enjoy. However, you don’t have to invest much to create a comfortable and cosy outside area. All you need is a couch or chairs and a table. But, if you have a larger budget, don’t hesitate to invest in a bar cart and additional coffee tables. The possibilities are endless!

Think About Security

One of the most important features to add to your winter garden is a safety system. Outdoor led flood lights, CCTV cameras, a video doorbell are only some of the systems to put in place to ensure that your garden and home are safe throughout the winter months.

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