How to Make Your Look More Internationally Appealing

adminNovember 11, 2021

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The world is a prominent place, and we all want to experience as much of it as we can. This means that many people are looking for ways to make their wardrobe more internationally appealing to blend in and feel at home no matter where they go.

This blog post will discuss how you can create an international-friendly wardrobe by understanding the basics of dressing for different cultures, what to wear when traveling abroad, and some tips on styling your clothes with global trends.

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Choosing The Correct Colors

The first and easiest way to make your wardrobe more internationally appealing is by dressing in the colors of the country you are visiting. If you want to use this method, it’s best if you know a bit of color theory to avoid choosing colors in direct contrast with one another (for example: red and green). That said, if you’re visiting a country on the opposite side of the color wheel, this idea doesn’t apply.

An effortless way to avoid choosing colors in direct contrast with one another while still making your wardrobe appear more internationally appealing is by simply wearing solid shades of specific colors rather than multi-colored prints or patterns. For example: wear a solid blue blouse and a pair of black pants rather than a red shirt with an orange skirt.

Another simple way to make your wardrobe more internationally appealing is by wearing clothing in muted colors or neutral shades, such as browns, blacks, beiges, and greys. These types of clothes can go well with most outfits while still making your wardrobe appear more international.

Dress For Your Body Type

For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, try wearing fitted dresses at the top, which flares out towards the bottom, such as midi skirts or even high-waist trousers with cinched-in waists. This will help elongate your body and draw attention to the top part of you, where most people look first.

If you have a larger bust, try wearing blouses that do not go below the hip but instead wear dresses or skirts fitted at the waist and flare out towards your hips. This will help balance out your upper half to the lower half of you, making it appear more even.

One of the best things about fashion is that it’s all subjective and entirely up to you what your style may be or what you feel comfortable wearing. Still, we should follow a few general guidelines when making sure our outfits look good on us and make sense for our body type.

Don’t Dress Too Revealing

When packing your suitcase, don’t pack clothing that is too revealing. Even though you might consider yourself a confident person who can wear anything anywhere, it’s best to be conservative in international settings; this will help avoid offending people and making them uncomfortable. This means preventing bare shoulders and dresses or skirts that are shorter than knee length if you’re a woman and shorts that show more than a few inches of leg if you’re a man. If the locals wear clothing like this, it might be okay to follow suit (to an extent), but even if they aren’t, don’t wear too much skin, or you’ll stand out as “different” in all the wrong ways.


What a great way to make your clothes look more fashionable. Many accessories can be purchased inexpensively, but they still have the potential to give you an expensive-looking outfit when worn correctly. You don’t need much in terms of expensive fashion pieces; all it takes is adding one or two good-quality pieces and pairing them with some nice accessories.

A good rule of thumb is to pick two accessories that show a lot of skin and one addition that covers up your skin. A lovely necklace with some earrings or a scarf can be great at showing off your neckline. A watch can look great with an outfit, but if you are wearing a suit or something already covering the arms, it’s unnecessary. A good leather belt is always helpful in giving your pants some pizazz and bringing out your waistline (or even better – making one!).

Taking Care Of Your Skin

You must look after your skin as well as your wardrobe. If you are looking to try out some products, be sure to try out Aesop beauty products.

They are a globally renowned brand of natural and organic body products. Aesop’s products are designed to heal, nourish, protect the skin, hair, and nails with naturally high-performing ingredients that deliver noticeable results without compromising ethics or sustainability.

So, there you have it. There are many ways to make your wardrobe more internationally appealing, and we hope that this article has served as inspiration for some new pieces in your closet. Whether you’re planning on moving abroad or want to get inspired by other cultures, these tips will help! So go ahead and take the plunge into a whole new world of fashion and remember: there’s no such thing as a wrong style.

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