5 Things To Do If You’re Alone For The Holidays

adminDecember 16, 2021

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You may be spending this holiday alone due to canceled plans, unresolved conflicts, work schedules, etc. As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, experiencing a lonely holiday becomes challenging to avoid. 

Feeling empty, lonely, and unenthusiastic is inevitable; Moreso, if this is the first holiday, you part from family and friends. 

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You know the bad news, but here are the good ones: your holiday can still be a wonderful and memorable time to create new memories and traditions. So tag along to start the season with the right foot. 

Volunteer & Donate

The Holiday spirit is more than spending time with your loved ones and opening presents. During this time of the year, the best gift you can give yourself is helping others have a great holiday. 

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Clean your closet and rid yourself of shoes and clothes you know won’t receive attention anytime. Donate them to a local charity or gift them to someone you know will make better use of them. 

Volunteer the time you have to charities and events that address the needs of people in need. Be altruistic and cook, wrap presents, or manage a donation drive. There will always be people who require an individual’s kind heart willing to go the extra mile. 


Read, read, and read. Take a break from social media for a change and read books that nurture your mind. 

Step away from harmful media content that sets unrealistic holiday expectations. Turn off your phone protected by pixa prints phone cases. Instead, mind all of the books you once promised to read. 

Pick up said books and read thirty minutes each day of this season. Ensure the reading list is diverse, including fiction, autobiographies, biographies, classics, non-fiction, and adventure. 

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Surround yourself around great works of authors that spent the majority of their time alone producing the novels that touched the hearts of thousands. 

Bake Cookies

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You might have been afraid to be near the kitchen around your family, dreading the comments from a distant aunt or cousin that harshly judged your cooking. Well, fear no more. 

If you’re a beginner at baking, take things slow and practice recipes that are simple and less time-consuming. Remember, you have no one to impress, so if you burn the cookies a little, no one will know. This is by far the best opportunity to develop a new skill you can use to surprise friends or family on other occasions. 

You will be surprised how far you can go if you adjust your routine to fit a baking session. The best part is that none of the baked cookies must be shared. Enjoy them with a glass of milk or coffee while you watch a nostalgic film. 

Appreciate the Small Things

What are the first things you notice when you spend time with a loved one during the holidays? 

Perhaps you focus on the arguments, the imperfect interactions, and the lack of genuine connection. 

Now compare that with what you focus on alone? Individuals tend to remember the good when they miss the people they thought were so complex. Appreciate the time you have with your thoughts. Yes, you are alone, but what small things make this time better? For one, you have the time to focus on yourself. Stop fixating on the prospect of past holidays and instead turn inwards. 

Count your blessings and fixate on the things that bring joy in your life. 

Reflect On Traditions & The Past

Make a list of the traditions that your family followed in the past. Then, reflect on which you consider a positive tradition you’d like to continue and which does not make the cut. 

This holiday, picture a perfect day. Think about what you need, want, and then write it down. For instance, if you need a house to resemble your childhood home, what part of it do you want? The following holidays will be a reflection of your wants and needs. No one can dictate what gives you happiness, so choose the people, activities, things, and places that you cannot part away from. 

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Be the change. Be different. Be you. 

Lastly, enjoy this holiday with every ounce of your spirit and always welcome the next day. 

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