How To Keep In Touch With Your Younger Siblings

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Being an older sibling is a blessing and a curse. From one angle, you get to watch your younger siblings grow up—you get to see their whole lives, from the day they were born until now. But from another angle, older siblings have to leave their younger siblings first.

There comes a time when you have to start living your own life, separate from your family. Whether you move out first due to a job, or due to going to university, this day has to come. Heartbreakingly, you have to leave your younger siblings behind.

Yet, just because you physically leave your younger siblings, this doesn’t mean they leave your life. Technology has moved on in such a way that it’s now easier than ever to keep in contact with your siblings. As the older sibling, it often happens that the burden of contact falls on you—after all, you’re the older, more responsible one (right…?).

Going from seeing your younger siblings every day to only connecting over text or facetime, however, can be a really difficult shift, so in this post you’ll find outlined some different ways you can keep connected to your younger siblings.  


This isn’t a unique way to keep in touch, but it is an important one. This is probably the most frequent, easiest way to keep in contact. Sending a small text every day will remind your siblings that you’re thinking of them, and that you love them. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it can be just a text asking how their day was, or saying that you saw something that made you think of them.

Phone or video calls

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Texts are great for checking in frequently, but phone or video calls are the best way to really speak with your siblings. These give you a longer section of time to catch up on everything that is going on in their life.

A video call is great to see them—if they are young, it’ll shock you how much they change physically in no time at all—but a phone call is great if you don’t have too much time, and need to do something else at the same time, like cook, or walk to work.

When doing a phone or video call, ask them lots of questions about what they’re up to, what they’re interested in, and any plans they have for the future. You can note down any important dates, so you can send them a text on that day and, for example, wish them luck on their science test.

It’s also good to tell your siblings what you’re up to and interested in during these calls. That way, they can feel that they’re a part of your life and that you’re not just siblings, but also good friends.

Social media

A great way to connect with younger people nowadays is through social media. Internet jokes are rife (and often short-lived), so catching them before they go out of the collective humour is essential.

If you know the kinds of things your younger siblings are interested in (tv shows, musicians, YouTubers), it gets easier to find a joke or a funny clip that they would enjoy. When you find these, sending them over to your siblings not only brings them joy but also tells them that you pay attention to their interests and care about them a lot.

If you aren’t social media savvy, you might need to do a quick research on how to send a TikTok to someone or how to download a video from Reddit.


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Sure, texts, phone calls, and social media are a great way to connect with your younger siblings, but why not go old school? Writing a letter to your younger siblings shows them that you are putting time and effort into your relationship with them. Anyway, who doesn’t love receiving fun post?

You can make your letters extra special by decorating them with drawings or stickers, or even (if you want to be super fancy) by sealing them with a wax seal.

You can make your letters a real experience for your siblings by including a game or a riddle. This allows for more conversations, as they can text you their solutions afterwards.


Much like with the included games in the letters, other forms of games are a great way to bond with younger siblings.

There are many online games now that you can play with people, even if you live far apart. If you have a games console, it should be easy to find games that connect online and play to both you and your siblings’ interests.

If you don’t have a console, don’t worry. There are also games that you can access on the internet. These can be more complex games for older siblings or easier ones if your siblings are still relatively young. A good one is Drawize, which is just like Pictionary, but online.

Playing games with your siblings creates a common interest. You can talk about it, even when you’ve run out of things to talk about. Plus, these games foster great relationships, as you are required to work together, communicate, and celebrate. That is unless you’ve chosen a competitive game…

Visit when you can

For whatever reason, it may be difficult to visit your younger siblings. Despite this, taking the time to visit when you can is invaluable for positive sibling relationships.

Visiting them shows them they are important to you. Plus, you probably want to see them badly too.

It can be fun to keep your visit a secret and surprise them when you arrive. There are some great videos out there of surprises like that if you need some inspiration.

At the end of the day, keeping in contact with your younger siblings will improve both of your lives massively. Your siblings will grow up feeling loved, and you’ll have made that happen.

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