5 Things That Will Make Your Garden Look A Little ‘Extra’ This Summer

adminFebruary 8, 2022


For the last two years, everything has been about the garden party. As the easiest way to socialise while sticking to lockdown rules, our gardens become the place to be over the summer months. 

But does that mean the end of the garden hangout? Absolutely not! Even with holidays back on the cards and the prospect of a beer garden on those balmy summer nights, there’s still nothing better than chilling at home in your garden with your nearest and dearest. 

Adding some decorative touches will make your garden an even better place to be this summer. Here are five things that will make your garden look a little ‘extra’ this summer so you can make the most of it.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

1. A firepit

A firepit is something you can get a lot of use out of. It looks nice, creates a cool vibe, but it will also keep you warm on those chilly evenings. Some even come with barbecue attachments that are perfect for grilling or enjoying some toasted marshmallows. 

If you want to get more use out of your garden then a firepit is a worthwhile investment. When designing your garden space, you should factor in having a winter-ready garden to help you make the most of it year-round.

2. Your own outdoor bar

If two years of lockdowns have made you realise just how much you hate jostling at the bar to get served on a night out, you’re not alone. People have been doing some incredible things with outdoor garden bars, with inspiration on every scale. As a great place to entertain or chill at night, you could take your outdoor space to the next level with your own bar or garden pub.

3. Outdoor blinds to protect you in all weather

You can never predict the weather, and there’s nothing worse than when the elements disrupt your outdoor plans. Having some form of shelter can be a big help, allowing you to enjoy being outdoors come rain or shine! 

You can add some outdoor blinds to your pergola, veranda and more and give your space some protection from the weather, without compromising on style. They can also create shade, which is handy for those extra hot days or when you’re trying to keep children and pets cool. 

4. Luxury seating 

Having plenty of seating is essential to a successful garden event. The good news is that there is a lot of choice of furniture that will give you luxury seating at an affordable price. From loungers to stylish corner sofas, you can bring all kinds of seating to your outdoor space so that you can soak up the sun in comfort.

5. Beautiful outside lights

Finally, no outdoor space would be complete without some stylish lights. There is a lot of outside lighting inspiration to help you decide on the perfect lighting for your own space. Outside lighting helps you keep the party going long into the night, but it also creates a whole other look for your garden after dark.

Creating your dream garden will help you make the most of your home, allowing you to enjoy the summer months and beyond. Make your outdoor space even more special this year with some ‘extra’ upgrades!

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