Turn Your Garden into an Additional Room

adminFebruary 8, 2022

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If you are fortunate enough to have your own garden, then you really should be making the most of it. You should be spending as much time out here as possible because fresh air and nature are so good for your physical and mental health.

Of course, it can be difficult to spend a much time you might like in the garden due to various factors like the weather and your own comfort. However, by turning your garden into an additional, outdoor, room, you can ensure that it is more useable more often and add a whole lot of value to your home too.

Sound good? Here are some ideas to help you transform your garden into an extra outdoor room right now:

Install a patio roof

This is not the cheapest option, but if you are serious about turning your garden into an extra room, and this getting more use out of it, these patio roof ideas are just what you need. They will ensure that you have shelter from the intensity do the sun or the rain, which means you can use your outdoor space a whole lot more and have an enjoyable time doing so. Your patio will become your living room, dining room and with the addition of a barbecue, even your kitchen and you will love every moment out there, which is why a patio roof really is worth the money. 

Install bifold doors

Installing bifold doors that open out onto your garden (ideally the patio) is a good way of creating a seamless link between the outdoors and the indoors and bringing them together a bit more. It will also maximise the amount of light you get into your home, and give you better views of the garden when you are inside, so it will always feel like your home is at one with nature.

Invest in quality garden furniture

Cheap plastic chairs or uncomfortable wicker couches will not make the garden feel like home, so if you are serious about using the garden as much as possible invest in the highest quality garden furniture you can afford. It should be stylish comfy and in keeping with the rest of the decor throughout your home.

Let their be light

Lighting is vital if you want to be able to enjoy your garden at night. So, hurricane lamps filled with candles, hanging lanterns, fairy lights and even spotlights attached to the walls are all great additions to any garden room.

Don’t forget to accessorise

Comfy cushions, cosy rugs, coffee tables and so on will all add to the effect that your garden is just another room, and you will be the envy of all your friends when you can be just as comfortable in your garden as you can in the living room or bedroom. Just make sure that everything you put outdoors is safe from the effects of the wind and rain, or bring it in when the weather takes a turn.

Make the most of your garden by making it a room!

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