Catch A Single Thought was started one morning in April 2012 when I was up early with my son. It felt as though the rest of the world was still sleeping and I wondered what I could do with all the ‘extra’ time I had on my hands. I have always loved writing and so it seemed natural to create a space which would not only allow me to update friends and family on what was happening with us, but would also allow me to get my creativity flowing again.

I chose the name ‘Catch A Single Thought’ because I recognised that our lives were about so much more than just one thing.  I have a great many thoughts bubbling around in my head at any one time and so the concept is about just plucking one out and sharing it with a wider audience.  But as time has gone on, the blog has shaped itself becoming a diary of our lives, a space to share the things we love; from the ordinary and every day adventures to the amazing, extraordinary moments too.

On this blog you will find just about everything from lifestyle to photography, travel to parenting, books to interiors. Through creating Catch A Single Thought I discovered a passion for photography and videos and so I try to tell the stories here through the moments I capture on camera too as well as over on my Youtube channel.


This space is predominantly about our lives so it makes sense to introduce the members of our family and allow you to get to know us each a little better.


I’m Jess, the person who writes most of the posts you find here.  I’m mama to two children, one girl and one boy, and I work from home as well as part-time for a small, local business. I am a wandering spirit and would travel the world if my budget and time constraints allowed it!  I am also passionate about writing, reading and photography. In 2015 I wrote and published my first novel Secrets of the River and I do have plans for a second book when my busy schedule will allow it. I also started a Youtube channel in 2016 and discovered a love for making creative videos as well as finding a space to talk about the many books I read.

We recently moved into our first home which is something of a project (if you are feeling generous!) and we are slowly making our way through the house, renovating each room and creating a home that we can hopefully love for many years to come.  It’s slow progress and I am not known for my patience but I am loving the challenge of trying to make a forever home on a budget.

I am an avid reader by nature and will regularly be found with my nose stuck in a book.  I am also a huge lover of seaside living. Prior to 2013 we lived in the East Midlands, as far from the sea as you can get, so when we made the decision to move to the North West I didn’t know what to expect. But I have absolutely fallen in love with walks along the beach, brisk sea air and doughnuts on the pier and even four years later it hasn’t lost its appeal.

JAMES… (Husband)

James is my long suffering other half and we have been married for 10 years (2017). He is the calm to my chaos and the one who keeps my feet firmly on the ground when I come up with crazy suggestions such as knocking down walls in our house or moving to the other side of the world, just for the heck of it.  We met and married young, I was just 20 years old but he is my better half in every sense of the word and we have had so many adventures together.

James is an engineer by trade so he’s very clever with maths and science and making sure buildings don’t fall down…He’s also your typical bloke in his 30’s, into football, gaming, playing his guitar loudly and consuming far too much food, coffee and beer.

MEG… (born 2009)

Meg is my whirlwind. She is our firstborn, and is currently 8 going on 18. We are finding it is a really funny age where some moments she is full of all that sass and then the next moment she just wants a snuggle with her mummy.  Meg is bright and sociable and wants to be either a professional gymnast or a marine biologist when she grows up. She loves all things creative from writing stories in her many notebooks to designing the next big thing in the world of fashion. She loves to play dress up; her game of the moment is to pretend she’s an orphan which we try not to take too personally but as much as she can be found running around the house creating mania wherever she goes, she is also just as likely to be found curled on her bed, reading a good book.

She is also something of a budding Youtuber if the random videos I find on my phone are anything to go by!

ELI… (born 2011)

Eli is my wild one. There are many words we use to describe him: wanderer, adventurer, wildling because he truly loves to be free. Outside is where he thrives and he would literally spend the entire year wearing shorts and a t-shirt if he was allowed. Eli is more of an introvert than Meg and he takes life very seriously, thinking things through before committing an answer. He wants to be a racing car driver or an engineer when he grows up (although this mama sees him in a job which features lots of adrenaline and fresh air) and is all about Star Wars, Pokemon, Lego, football and his DS.

This boy loves fiercely and honestly. If he doesn’t like it he will say so, and he can sometimes hold back with affection but when he gives you some, you know he truly meant it.

You can also watch our highlights video from 2017 to get a better flavour of who we are:-

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