• away with the penguins book review

    Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior – Book Review

    Jess March 15, 2021

    The links below are affiliate links. If you click through and purchase anything it doesn’t cost you any extra but is a great way to support me and my content. Veronica McCreedy is about to have the journey of a lifetime . . . V\eronica McCreedy lives in a mansion by the sea. She loves a nice cup of Darjeeling tea whilst watching a good wildlife documentary. And she’s never seen…

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  • Lovely War by Julie Berry – Book Review

    Jess March 11, 2021

    A critically acclaimed, multi-layered romance set in the perilous days of World Wars I and II, where gods hold the fates–and the hearts–of four mortals in their hands. They are Hazel, James, Aubrey, and Colette. A classical pianist from London, a British would-be architect-turned-soldier, a…

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  • Books I Read in December: Mini Book Reviews

    Jess January 1, 2021

    If November was something of a disappointment to me in terms of the number of books I read, December was an absolute joy. I have no doubt that it had plenty to do with the two weeks off I had; in the run up to…

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  • 5 Cosy Books to Read this Winter

    Jess December 11, 2020

    Although not my favourite season (that would be you…wonderful autumn), I do enjoy certain aspects of the winter months. Namely the fact that it allows plenty of opportunity for snuggling under a blanket and getting lost in a good book; and there are certain books…

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  • Books I Read in November: Mini Book Reviews

    Jess December 8, 2020

    I’m actually quite disappointed with the number of books I read in November. I don’t know what happened; up until last month I was killing it with the amount of books I was managing to read each month and I was actually pretty close to…

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  • Reading Retreat – March 2020

    Jess November 27, 2020

    It is crazy to think that at the start of March I headed off on my much planned out and looked forward to reading retreat at Kirkfield Guest House. At the time, COVID-19 was something we were aware of, certainly, and myself (as host) and…

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  • Books I Read in October: Mini Book Reviews

    Jess November 19, 2020

    October was a busy month for me; lots going on with my day job at the charity (although I did get to enjoy a whole week off with the kids which was fantastic and a much needed breather from work). I was actually pretty surprised…

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  • Books I Read in September: Mini Book Reviews

    Jess October 3, 2020

    It goes without saying that autumn is my absolute favourite season. The perfect blend of unexpected warm days and the crisp mornings; lots of opportunities to cosy up means lots of opportunities for reading and I think that was certainly reflected in how much I…

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  • Books I Read in July: Mini Book Reviews

    Jess August 20, 2020

    Talk about sounding like a broken record but I am astounded to be writing my mini book reviews for July. 2020 is just vanishing in the blink of an eye! It was definitely a mixed bag for me this month; some books I enjoyed and…

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  • Books I Read in June: Mini Book Reviews

    Jess July 14, 2020

    I think it’s fair to say that June was my best month for reading yet. I liked, if not loved, every single book that I picked up and I just could not get enough of reading in general. As always the end of the month…

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  • Just One More Page: Book Club Announcement!

    Jess June 6, 2020

    I am so excited to write this post, I’ve had to restart it a couple of times to get my words out coherently 🙂 I have been an avid reader my whole life and love getting to share and chat about all things bookish across…

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