• Preparing Yourself, Your Marriage, & Children For A New Baby

    admin December 22, 2021

    *THIS IS A COLLABORATIVE POST* Is there anything more exciting than the anticipation of a new baby? This is an exciting time for not only the parents, but also for their children. The arrival of a new family member will impact all members involved. Therefore, it is essential to prepare yourself, your partner, and your children before welcoming this latest addition into your family! Via Pexels Prepare Yourself The first…

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  • 8 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Children

    admin December 19, 2021

    Pixabay *THIS IS A COLLABORATIVE POST* Creativity is one of the most valuable life skills you can have. No matter what career path you follow, the ability to think creatively and innovatively is the key to success in nearly everything you do. But what does…

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  • Six Tips On Making Sure Your Child Is Using Social Media Safely

    admin October 17, 2021

    *This is a collaborative post* Social media has become a big part of many children’s lives. Kids see their friends on social media and want to be just like them, but sometimes what they are doing isn’t always safe. Things on the internet can go…

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  • Pocket Money

    Jess McGlynn October 7, 2014

    I don’t know whether it is my sensitivity to hearing the ‘C’ word in recent weeks or whether there has actually been an increase in the number of toy adverts on the television but I have to admit that I am tiring of hearing the…

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