• 5 Ways Your Home Needs to Give You Peace of Mind

    admin July 5, 2019

    *This is a guest post* Life is a crazy ride and there’s enough stress to go around and then some.  The last thing you need is for your home environment to add to the stress when, in fact, the opposite should be the reality.  Here’s…

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  • Review – Hunkemöller Loungewear

    admin June 6, 2019

    Hang around with me long enough and it will soon become pretty apparent that I love all things cosy. As an introvert at heart there is little I love more than settling down wearing my comfiest clothing, accompanied by a good book, a warm drink…

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  • What I’m Wearing Lately (Spring)

    admin June 4, 2019

    Ahh the good old changeable UK weather. Transitional pieces have a whole new meaning when one day you have to go out wearing a scarf and woolly hat and the next day you are rocking bare legs and a linen dress! But that definitely seems…

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  • Liverpool Indoor Funfair – Visit This Easter

    admin April 15, 2019

    If you are in need of some family entertainment this Easter, then head to the Liverpool Exhibition Centre at Kings Dock, where you can enjoy all the fun of the fair. Indoors! The Indoor Funfair will be in the Exhibition Centre between 15-22 April, with…

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  • Planning an Easy to Clean Bathroom

    admin March 22, 2019

    *This is a collaborative post* Cleaning the bathroom has got to be one of the most hated household chores. We all like having a clean bathroom with shiny taps and fixtures, and none of us loves having a bath in a dirty and grimy tub.…

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  • Upgrade The Look Of Your Home In 3 Easy Ways

    admin March 19, 2019

    *This is a collaborative post* If you are looking for some kind of change to your home, then there are always many ways in which you can do so. No matter what kind of look you might be going for, you will find that there…

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  • A Night Out With New Mersey

    admin January 25, 2019

    Why is it that the one thing I look forward to the most over the festive period is the chance to sit back and relax, to unwind, to spend time with my closest family and friends…and yet the one thing which consistently happens year after…

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  • Your Invitation to The Reading Retreat…

    admin January 15, 2019

    This is an idea which has been going round in my head for quite some time and I’m excited to sit down and finally get the ball rolling.   If you know me, whether in person or through social media and/or this blog then I’m pretty…

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  • My Word For 2019…

    admin January 1, 2019

    And so we come to the closing of another year. I find it hard to believe that a whole 365 days have passed by, and yet it is so. Usually at the start of a year I like to sit down and write out some…

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  • 5 Ways to Have More Hygge This Winter

    admin November 25, 2018

    Hygge is a concept which appears here to stay.  It first arrived in the UK a couple of years ago and since then seems to be going from strength to strength.  Pronounced “hoo-ga” this Danish concept is all about bringing a sense of contentment into…

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  • For The Love of Writing: Getting Back Into Blogging

    admin November 13, 2018

    Just over six years ago I found myself sitting in the living room, the only one in the house awake.  Eli has always been an early riser and at this time he had been awake and gone back down for a nap.  Of course I…

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