• A Study Redesign… ǀ Books & Interiors

    Jess McGlynn July 6, 2016

    This is a post which I have been wanting to write for the longest time and it’s still only really part one!  As many of you will know I work from home and so our box room is my study/home office.  I have gradually been bringing…

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  • Waterfall Chocolate Cake ǀ Baking With Meg & Eli

    Jess McGlynn June 13, 2016

    It is probably a complete inevitability that being a blogger and a vlogger and including the children in almost everything I do has resulted in them having more than a small interest in the online world.I  know that plenty of kids are fascinated by unboxing…

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  • A Foray into Bullet Journaling

    Jess McGlynn June 8, 2016

    Over recent months I’ve heard and seen quite a number of people talking about ‘bullet journaling’ with very little understanding of what they were discussing.  It was only when people started directly recommending it to me that I began my first foray into the world.…

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  • My Summer Fashion Essentials

    Jess McGlynn May 16, 2016

    It’s no secret that I am a lover of comfortable and simple clothing.  I used to blame it on the fact that I was Mummy to two rambunctious children but given that they are now 5 and 7 and very capable of getting themselves ready…

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