Travel Tips

  • Gone Camping: How To Stay Safe In The Dark

    admin October 22, 2021

    *This is a collaborative post* pixabay  The thing that puts many people off from going camping, is the bit where it gets dark. There is zero light in the forest. It’s so dark that you can’t even see your own hand in front of your face. If you’re lucky, it will be a starry night and perhaps the moon will be shining, but most of the time it will be…

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  • Best Bookshops in Chicago

    admin February 29, 2020

    *This is a sponsored post and some of the links are affiliate if you click through and purchase anything it doesn’t cost you any extra but is a great way to support me and my content. A short while ago I was lucky enough to…

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  • Which Area of the Lake District is Best For Me?

    admin November 22, 2019

    *AD – This is a collaborative post* Planning a Lake District trip is never quite as easy as it first might seem – there are loads of different places to visit, lots of sights to see and activities to do, and a huge selection of…

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  • Why You Should Learn the Local Lingo When Travelling

    Jess McGlynn June 26, 2017

    Having recently just returned from a trip to Italy, I was surprised at myself when we landed in Pisa and I realised I had forgotten to even look up a few of the basic phrases we might need.  Cue a quick hop onto Google and…

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  • Long Car Journeys with Kids ǀ Travel

    Jess McGlynn February 21, 2017

    Over the past few years we have made several long car journeys with Meg and Eli; having family who live all over the country means that we are fairly used to hopping in the car and driving for 2-3 hours at a time.However, we have…

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  • London with Kids ǀ Travel

    Jess McGlynn February 14, 2017

    Welcome to the second part of my mini-series about travelling with kids.  For my first post, dedicated to Malaga you can click here.I spend a lot of my working life writing about amazing things you can see and do in London so I feel fairly…

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  • Malaga with Kids ǀ Travel

    Jess McGlynn February 7, 2017

    This month I wanted to bring you a series of posts, all about travelling with children.  Obviously we are a family of four and the majority of our travel involves taking the children along with us (although if you want a luxury kid-free holiday then…

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  • Glamping versus Camping With Children

    Jess McGlynn September 16, 2014

    We have now done both camping and glamping with our children and I can, hand on heart say, that whilst glamping is inevitably more expensive than a regular old camping trip, when it comes to going away with children, you can’t beat it. Here’s why:…

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  • What Not To Do When Travelling with Young Children

    Jess McGlynn June 23, 2013

    Something that might be on a lot of parents minds at the moment is travelling with young children.  We did A LOT of driving for our recent holiday.  The total amount of time we spent in the car with our 4 year old and our…

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