• You Know You’re A Homeowner When…

    admin September 21, 2018

    Owning our own home was something we had wanted as a family for the longest time.  Although renting can mean less pressure when things go wrong, it can also be quite limiting.  Some landlords won’t allow redecoration or even pictures to be hung on the…

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  • Do You Watch The Evening News?

    admin September 6, 2018

    How well informed do you consider yourself to be on domestic and global events? Do you make sure that you keep up to date with news and politics? If you don’t, you really should, because even events taking place on the other side of the…

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  • 5 Simple Car Checks Before A Family Trip ǀ Travel

    admin June 21, 2018

    Summer is the time of year when people begin to think about taking long road trips; maybe to go and visit family and friends or to travel somewhere new.  In fact, we have just returned from a long driving trip ourselves so I am speaking…

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  • Peter Rabbit Personalised Book and Toy Gift Set GIVEAWAY

    admin April 21, 2018

    Spring has truly sprung here in the UK and with all things new, I thought it was a great time to offer a little giveaway.  This is perfect if you have any friends who are about to have babies or perhaps a special birthday coming…

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  • Have A Merry Christmas with Jet2!

    Jess McGlynn November 30, 2017

    There’s nothing like having to do the school run or head out to work in the blistering cold to make you start dreaming of the summer sun, is there?!  I am a big fan of the colder months; when you can stay indoors and wrap…

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  • 5 Reasons to Service Your Car Regularly

    Jess McGlynn March 25, 2017

    With winter officially finished and summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about giving your car a little love.  Spring is typically the time when people start to clear their homes out and get ready for the new season and…

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  • Tips to Love Your Car Again

    Jess McGlynn March 23, 2017

    With National Car Care Month just around the corner, this week I thought I would share with you some basic tips on how to love your car again.  We have been quite lucky in that over the last few years we’ve had a number of…

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  • Bidvine App ǀ Review

    Jess McGlynn March 16, 2017

    If you’ve ever sat in front of your computer or smartphone and wondered how to find competent, local services then you are not alone!  I have done this countless times over the years wondering how to find everything from plumbers to photographers.  The trouble is,…

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  • Walking Wounded by Anna Franklin Osborne ǀ Book Review

    Jess McGlynn February 22, 2017

    Welcome to my post for the blog tour of Anna Franklin Osborne’s ‘Walking Wounded’.  I was kindly sent a copy of the book in order to write the following review… Anyone who has been here before will know that I have a real love of…

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  • How to Boost Your Credit Score ǀ Finance

    Jess McGlynn February 16, 2017

    There are many reasons why you might need to build or boost your credit score.  You might have made some poor financial decisions in the past or, as a friend of mine recently discovered (having never had a line of credit until she was in…

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  • Swagbucks ǀ The Shopping Edition

    Jess McGlynn February 8, 2017

    I know, another Swagbucks related post from me within just a few days but honestly, I have been enjoying the benefits of using it so much that I couldn’t resist sharing this little bits of news. As I mentioned in my last post, Swagbucks pays you…

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