My privacy policy explains in more detail what happens when it comes to the collection, processing and storing of your information.  This policy relates specifically to cookies and how I use them, as well as the options you have to control them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are essentially small pieces of data which are downloaded and stored on your computer, or device, when websites are loaded.  They are used widely to remember you and your preferences when visiting sites, either for a single visit or for repeated visits.  This site uses cookies in order to create a consistent and efficient experience for visitors.  Cookies may be set by the website you are visiting (known as ‘first party cookies’), or by third party cookies, such as those who serve content or provide advertising or analytics services on the website (known as ‘third party cookies’)

How we use cookies

I use cookies on this website for a couple of different reasons.  Primarily, I use it for analytical purposes, through the use of Google Analytics, one of the most widespread and trusted analytic options, to see which pages people are landing on and how they are engaging with the content I create.  This enables me to ensure I am creating a site people are interested in, and want to use.

When you submit data through a form such as by commenting then cookies may be set to remember your details in future.

If you use the social media buttons on this website to share any content, cookies may also record your log-in details – for these to work the different social media networks will set cookies which may then be used to enhance your experience on this site and the social network.  Please refer to the individual social networks policies for more information on this.

Disabling cookies

You can stop the use of cookies on this website by setting your preference using the pop-up which you will see in the bottom left of the screen.  You can also adjust the settings on your website browser to turn off all cookies although please note that disabling cookies can affect the functionality and features of websites that you use.  It is therefore usually recommended that you do not disable cookies.