• Top 5 Books For 6-8 Years ǀ Raising Readers

    admin February 28, 2018

    I know in my last Raising Readers post I talked about the top 5 picture books for children aged 5-9 years so it might seem strange that I have altered the ages here to talk about books for children aged 6-8 years.  The simple answer…

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  • Family Travel Plans 2018

    admin February 27, 2018

    I can’t be the only one who turns their thoughts to a holiday in the sun at this time of year.  When you are staring at grey skies, frost on the ground and rain more often than not, it’s easy to begin dreaming of warmer…

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  • World Book Day & PizzaExpress

    admin February 23, 2018

    Oh, World Book Day. As an avid reader, the idea of an entire day dedicated to the wonder of reading and all things bookish fills me with absolute joy.  As a parent, the idea of trying to convince my son that he would much rather go to…

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  • Gandeys Circus, Liverpool ǀ Review

    admin February 20, 2018

    February half term is always a funny one.  Even as a family who love to be outside I struggle a little with keeping the kids entertained.  There are only so many days which can be spent wading around in the mud, pretending that it isn’t…

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  • An Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Guide…

    admin February 6, 2018

    Let’s be honest, chocolate and flowers are nice but they aren’t for everyone.  It might be that you enjoy giving and receiving more unusual gifts or you just might not be into the whole ‘standard’ Valentine’s Day celebration. If you are looking for something a…

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  • Books I Read In January…

    admin February 4, 2018

    Four books in January might not seem a lot but when you’ve got plenty of other things going on, it’s actually a fairly decent amount!  I’d say six is an average number for me so I was just behind that, although I am also making…

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  • A Little Bit Of Us… #3

    admin February 2, 2018

    Usually when it comes to the last day of the month I enter into the age old cliché of wondering out loud how on earth it has come around already, but I don’t think I will be alone when I say that it felt like…

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  • Top 5 Picture Books for 3-8 Years ǀ Raising Readers

    admin January 31, 2018

    I love picture books.  They are classic and timeless and can appeal to children (and adults) of all ages.  Even now, though Meg and Eli are pushing the age bracket I have suggested above, they still find enjoyment in sitting down with myself or James…

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  • Gandeys Circus, Liverpool ǀ Giveaway

    admin January 25, 2018

    February half term is by far one of the trickiest school holidays, in my opinion.  With Christmas out of the way and plenty of drizzly, grey days in sight, it can be tricky to keep the children occupied especially if you are stuck indoors and…

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  • Top 5 Board Books for Babies and Preschoolers ǀ Raising Readers

    admin January 24, 2018

    In my post last Wednesday I talked about why I think it is important that we encourage our children to read and some tips on how we can raise readers.  Today I am going to begin a series of posts where I recommend some favourite…

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  • A Room For An Adventurer… {Home Renovation #1}

    admin January 23, 2018

    One of the priorities we set for ourselves when we bought and moved into our new house was renovating Meg’s and Eli’s rooms.  They were in a pretty rundown state so once we had moved into the house we immediately set out stripping them back…

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