• Magpie Meg (Mischevious Mondays)

    Jess McGlynn August 14, 2012

    Last week I wrote about Eli’s climbing antics for Middle Man’s Mischevious Monday and whilst pondering over which of his little misdemeanours to include this week Meg came into the room, put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a toy which didn’t belong…

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  • Best Friends (See it, Snap it, Love it)

    Jess McGlynn August 13, 2012

    A siblings love is like no other bond, it is for life and goes far and beyond. Any other love that you will ever find, a siblings love is one of a kind. When sibling love grows they will always gain, a love thats forever…

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  • Pretty Little Things: Beautiful Bags

    Jess McGlynn August 10, 2012

    I was so pleased to be a joint winner of last week’s Pretty Little Things.  I will display my badge with pride:   This week’s theme is Beautiful Bags.  I’m actually not one for expensive bags, I prefer practicality over price but I knew instantly…

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  • Day Out: Stratford Butterfly Farm

    Jess McGlynn August 7, 2012

    On Saturday we met up with one of my Other Half’s school friends in the lovely town of Stratford upon Avon.  The last time I went to Stratford was with my parents in law when Meg was only a little baby so it was nice…

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  • Eli The Climber (Mischevious Mondays)

    Jess McGlynn August 6, 2012

    When I saw Louise at A Strong Coffee had started this link up I couldn’t wait to join in.  Eli has always been more adventurous than Meg but since he started walking, and particularly this week he has just been in EVERYTHING and honestly, I…

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  • Monday Me #8

    Jess McGlynn August 6, 2012

    This is my post for Monday Me.  For more link ups see The Mini Mes and Me Day to MyselfThis week I had a WHOLE afternoon to myself…a whole afternoon!!  Who wouldn’t love that? I was meant to be getting my hair done (again) but…

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  • 17/365: Cress Caterpillar

    Jess McGlynn August 4, 2012

    What you need:– Empty egg box– Cress seeds– Cotton wool– Plastic from a yoghurt pot– Pipe cleanersWhat you need to do:– Cut out your ‘caterpillar’ using your egg box.  I just cut along one edge so my caterpillar was three shapes long.– Use the plastic…

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  • Messy Mealtimes

    Jess McGlynn August 3, 2012

    We were really quite lazy when it came to Eli’s weaning.  Because of his silent reflux we weaned early with baby rice and porridge (which made a huge difference) and when he reached 6 months and we started on the ‘real stuff’ we had to be careful about…

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  • Moving On…

    Jess McGlynn August 1, 2012

    Last weekend we helped some close friends move 125 miles to start a new life in Norfolk.  I am very excited for them (apart from anything else their new house is amazing!) but also very sad that my closest friend is now 4 hours away. Part of…

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