• Pretty Little Things: Water Babies

    Jess McGlynn July 31, 2012

    We so enjoyed having the nice weather last week, it was a brilliant opportunity to be out in the garden every afternoon. Both my children love water play (although Meg is a bit more precious about being splashed in the face) so they didn’t need…

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  • Monday Me #7

    Jess McGlynn July 30, 2012

    As always I’m taking part in ‘Monday Me’, a linky hosted at the Mini Mes and Me, do follow the link if you want to find out more and if you can link up! Here’s what I got up to this week: During the week…

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  • Trip to the Dentist

    Jess McGlynn July 27, 2012

    This week we took Meg to the dentist.  To be honest I was dreading it as six months ago she shrieked and cried and clung to my leg the second we stepped into the room…I have no idea why as the last time we’d been…

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  • Milestone: First Haircuts

    Jess McGlynn July 24, 2012

    You may find this hard to believe but yesterday was the first time in my whole three years of being a parent that I took my child to have a haircut.  Meg, bless her, was bald as an egg until a year ago and since…

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  • Monday Me #6

    Jess McGlynn July 23, 2012

    My Monday Me for last week was all set to contain highlights of the fantastic weekend I had – starting with getting my hair done (finally!) first thing on Saturday morning.  Except for when I turned up at my hairdressers it was closed.  No word from them,…

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  • Colour Me In RK

    Jess McGlynn July 22, 2012

    Meg was very excited when a package arrived last week containing not only a fantastic box of colouring equipment but also her very own box of Rice Krispies (we haven’t been allowed to share with her!) After taking every single item out of the colouring case, checking them…

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  • Save Childrens Cardiac Unit at Glenfield Leicester

    Jess McGlynn July 19, 2012

    This is my blog’s first ‘guest post’ but when I heard about the petition to stop the closure of Glenfield’s Childrens Cardiac Heart Unit I knew I wanted to do something! Laura is a lovely friend of mine who has close ties with Glenfield.  Please…

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  • Nature v Nurture

    Jess McGlynn July 19, 2012

    I’ve always been interested in the debate over nature v nurture.  People often comment on similarities between myself and my mum and whilst initially in my teenage ‘I’m my own person’ years it used to bother me, I’ve come to see it for myself.  I do…

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  • Six Glasses on the Bedside Table…

    Jess McGlynn July 17, 2012

    In August this year I will have been married to my Other Half for 5 years.  In September we’re attending a marriage course.  The two events are not directly related! I didn’t live with my Other Half before we got married.  This may be the reason…

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  • 16/365: Loo Roll Animals

    Jess McGlynn July 13, 2012

    What you need: – Toilet Rolls– Paint (whatever colours you like)– Coloured card– Googly eyes– Sparkly decorations to add to the wings (if making a butterfly)What you need to do for the butterfly:Paint the toilet roll your chosen colour.  Meg chose pink but butterflies can of course be…

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