Please note by placing a booking you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

We will only hold your details for reasons relating to the retreat and you will only be contacted afterwards to ask for feedback. We will never use your details for anything else.

It is your responsibility to read and understand thoroughly what is included, check all details and ensure that they are correct prior to completing your booking.

By placing a booking you are agreeing to pay a deposit followed by two further monthly instalments. All monies must be paid 4 weeks before the date of the retreat.

If payment of either the deposit or the balance is not received within the specified time frame, Sparrow Retreats reserve the right to cancel the booking and offer your space to an alternative guest. If you neglect to pay the final balance, Sparrow Retreats will retain the deposit.

You can cancel at any point up until 4 weeks before the date of the retreat. After this date has passed it will be up to the discretion of Sparrow Retreats whether a refund will be issued.

You are responsible for your own travel costs.

Sparrow Retreats reserves the right to offer discretionary discounts and this does not affect the status of any guests who have paid the full price and no discount will then become due to them.

You agree to not use the property except for permitted use and to not use the property for any offensive, noisy, dangerous, illegal, entertainment, immoral or improper purposes. You agree to not do anything which may be a nuisance or annoyance to Sparrow Retreats, the venue or its owners.

Sparrow Retreats cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of personal possessions or valuables of the customer.

We recommend that all customers have adequate travel, cancellation and medical insurance for the duration of the trip.