• siena cathedral

    Exploring Siena {Holiday in Tuscany Part Three} ǀ Travel

    Jess McGlynn July 25, 2017

    I sat down to write this post, knowing that I was going to share with you how our trip to Siena was my favourite part of our entire holiday in Tuscany when I realised that I’d actually taken hardly any photos.  I want to say that it’s because I was simply busy admiring the architecture and soaking up the heritage…which is probably partly true. But I also did manage to…

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  • Holiday in Tuscany {Part Two} ǀ Travel

    Jess McGlynn July 11, 2017

    I have to apologise for not getting part two of our holiday in Tuscany posted sooner; life has just gotten a little crazy lately and I didn’t manage to sit down and get it written until now.  You can see part one here if you…

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